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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Miami chapter.

Over quarantine there were many trends that picked up. From skincare to amazon hauls, it was like the secrets of the world were being revealed! One of the most seen trends was tie dye sets. I would scroll through my instagram feed and every other post would be a new set. I personally loved this trend and of course, had to purchase two sets for myself from a local company (@mlondonapparel on instagram)!

Me in my room in a tie dye set
Original photo by Nicole Katz

Me in my room in a tie dye set
Original photo by Nicole Katz

I saw so many amazing young women starting their own tie dye clothing companies and were absolutely killing the sales during quarantine. From masks, to socks, to tank tops, to sweatshirts – the options were endless! Bigger companies started to realize the success of these very small businesses and decided to hop on the bandwagon, too.

Just for you, I am going to pick my top 3 favorite tie dye sets that you can order from the comfort of your own laptop and have delivered straight to your door to have you looking trendy, yet comfy, at the same time!

Cotton Citizen

My ultimate favorite brand to order tie dye sets from is Cotton Citizen. Cotton Citizen is a super popular brand at the moment because of their quality, sustainability, and gorgeous clothing items. I absolutely love this green tie dye set I purchased from them. The biker shorts paired with the cropped long sleeve shirt have the perfect amount of coverage and look like a put together outfit. The quality is also amazing and super soft!

Frankie’s Bikinis

The next tie dye set I’ve been loving is from Frankie’s Bikinis! Their main lines are usually bathing suits, but after the company realized this booming trend they had to add sets to their collection! This baby blue aiden sweatpant, along with the burl sweatshirt, is the cutest combo to be comfortable in for zoom meetings, errands, and more! Frankie’s Bikinis carries many different color waves and styles, so you can find the perfect set just for you!

Swimsuit Sets

Lastly, tie dye swimsuit sets have made a huge appearance this summer! I can confidently say that almost every bikini picture on my instagram feed was tie dye. Every bathing suit company that I have purchased from has followed this trend: Frankie’s Bikinis, Zaful, L Space, and the list goes on! Although there are so many places to find great tie dye bikinis, Frankie’s truly has the best quality and color wave. If you go to their website you can look at their entire tie dye collection that is to die for! Below are some of my favorite ones:

Oliver Top and Oliver Bottom – Blue Tie Dye

Liam Top and Liam Bottom – Rainbow Tie Dye for Gay Pride Month!

Twenty Five Top and Ryan Bottom – Cotton Candy Tie Dye

From sweatpants, to tank tops, to bikinis and more, the trendy tie dye wardrobe pieces are endless so don’t miss out!

Hi! My name is Nicole Katz and I am from Newton, Massachusetts. I am majoring in Media Management and minoring in marketing. I love everything skincare - packaging, product, reviews, and more! I am also very passionate in health and wellness, and love to learn more about our bodies and mind every day! I can't wait to share my knowledge, experience, and tips with the Her Campus community!