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Things short people can find annoying

Let me start by saying that not all short people are easily offended by short jokes. But if they are, don't assume it's because they're too sensitive. Remember that everyone wants to feel comfortable with their appearance, and as funny as some jokes seem, they can feel scrutinizing. There are a lot of pros and cons to being short. Two major pros are being able to hide almost anywhere and being considered cute no matter what age you are. A major con is the annoying things your peers say to you. Here are just a few of them:

1. Saying, "how tall are you?" as a greeting.

I think it goes without saying that polite ways to introduce yourself to someone are: "What's your name?" or "Hi, my name is.." Don't expect a short stranger to respond to you if the first thing you ask them is how tall they are. Would you come up to someone and say, "oh hi, what prescription are your glasses?" or, "what size shoe are you?" It's just an odd thing to say, especially if that person is having a bad day. So please, don't do this. It's not something you should say. I'm saying this for your own safety, we can be feisty.

2. Referring to a short person as a "midget." 

Now, I let my friends say this sometimes if they say it in an affectionate or overall positive tone. But if someone I don't know calls me that, I don't appreciate it. Once again, everyone wants to feel comfortable with how they look. Why mention someone's height SO DAMN MUCH, especially with such a demeaning word? Even if the intention isn't bad, growing up hearing "midget" over and over really makes a person feel that they're somehow abnormal when they're absolutely fine.

3. Telling a short person they can't do something because they're short. 

There are so many examples where logic is absent in this argument. I've had people tell me I'd lose tennis matches because of my height. It doesn't make sense. It's ground tennis. Sometimes you gotta sit back and really evaluate how much sense you're really making when assuming height matters. 

4. Picking them up without their permission. 

Not everyone likes being picked up. It's not hard to ask for permission. There are so many physical cues that show what people are and aren't comfortable with. It may not seem like a big deal, but it can be very uncomfortable, especially if you're not close with the person.

5. Staring and saying, "Why are you so SHORT?" 

I honestly don't have to explain because this gif just says it all. 


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