The Stages of Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving break is a time where you're supposed to relax, forget about schoolwork just for a little, and enjoy your time off with family and friends. But of course there are stages we all go through when we're home for this short, yet fairly long enough break. 

1. Having so many plans you think you're going to be busy for the whole break.

...But really it's just for the first 3 days

2.  So you slowly become nocturnal and sleep in every day because what else is there to do?

You'll probably forget what an alarm is by the time you're done with break.

3. But then you realize you should probably be responsible so you make all the necessary appointments.

Hair cut, teeth cleaned, nails painted. Nothing like a fresh cut, fresh teeth and fresh nails! These appointments can be a drag because this means you actually have to leave your bed but you'll thank yourself later.

4. You continue to be even more responsible by starting all that homework your professors assigned over the so-called "break" they'd tell you to "enjoy".

The professors assume everyone wants to spend their Thanksgiving break getting ahead on all their final projects. Little do they know all we really want to do is not be reminded of our upcoming finals.

5. Okay, so you're finally being productive and you feel great. 

You're finally feeling like you're accomplishing something! What a great feeling.

6. But then you realize that you haven't been to the gym in a week.

Yes gyms exist back home, but somehow when I come home I neglect the fact that I can continue working out and it's not just something I do at college. 

7. ....But Thanksgiving is tomorrow and you know there's no hope.

We all neglect our diets on Thanksgiving, and it's totally fine- indulge away!

8. Thanksgiving comes and you're right, there really wasn't much hope and you already begin binge eating the leftovers.

Thanksgiving isn't the same without those turkey sandwich leftovers. 

8. So by the time break is over, you completed your homework with minimal effort, finished an entire Netflix series, you're 10 pounds heavier and you're finally sick of being nocturnal.

You're finally ready to head back - it's been a long break where the most you accomplished was eating your entire body weight in one sitting along with an entire Netflix series or two.

You're ready to feel like you have a life again!

Except of course when you realize that finals are coming up...looks like you'll be grieving the loss of this break. 'Til winter break where the cycle repeats.