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Seeing 11:11? What does this mean?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Miami chapter.

Often times, we’ll come across a series of numbers that repeat and present themselves to us. For some, these numbers show up on the clock, on license plates or in telephone numbers. According to the study of numerology, each number has a specific meaning and each meaning is meant to resonate with what you are currently experiencing, or what you are about to experience. Today, we’ll be going over common times and number combinations and how they relate to the larger part of your life.

Something that is seen often by many is the time 11:11. So what does it mean to catch this number? 11:11 is meant to serve as a wake up call of sorts. It is a call to quiet one’s mind so that the truth may be revealed as to next steps to take, moves to make or to gain a clearer understanding of what is happening currently. If life is feeling a bit chaotic and out of wack, and you catch this number, it’s  a sign to silence your mind and center yourself, so that your resolutions may present themselves to you in a way that will best move you forward.

Another number that frequently presents itself is 12:12. This number is a sign to step out of your comfort zone a bit! If lately you’ve been contemplating a new project or idea that makes you feel great inside but it’s something you’ve never done, this number is a sign to go for it! Reach for the stars, and allow yourself to expand. This number is a sign to know that all things are possible, and in thinking of your wildest dreams, you can accomplish them. This number is also a sign of a recent energetic gateway that has opened itself up for you, meaning, you’re the closest you have ever been to your desired goal. Keep striving, for the universe is ready to bless you bountifully with its gifts.

If you catch the time 1:23 this is very much a sign of steps along the way or next steps to take. Often times, this has shown up for me when I am adopting a new philosophy, contemplating a new idea or beginning a new adventure in the physical world, such as the accepting of a new job offer. The number or time 1:23 shows that you’re coming or will soon encounter steps to take along your everlasting journey. Keep up the great work, be patient with yourself, and know that great things are unfolding.

Another number that tends to show up is the number 9:11. This number is meant to remind you of your uniqueness. Should you see this number or time, know that it is an indication that you are loved and needed in this world, for you have a special soul-filled purpose that no one else is meant to fulfill but you. In growing, evolving, and experiencing change every day, you are contributing to the beautiful divine love that is this universe. This number is a sign to trust in yourself, your abilities, your unique gifts and talents. And allow yourself the opportunity to share these gifts with the world, for the world needs them and you are suited best to deliver them.

It is also important to go over not only these specific times that may come up, but also the significance of each individual number. Keep in mind that these are the meanings of each number in their singular form. Should they show up as a double or triple sequence, this signifies that the meaning is amplified by double or triple.

1 – Keep your thoughts positive! Take the time to think about and focus only on what it is that you desire, because after all, it is our thoughts that create our reality.

2 – Know that all is well where you are. Stay optimistic in the knowing that your thoughts, wishes, desires, and prayers have been heard. They are being tended to and answered by the universe. Keep your head high and your faith higher, as the universe is unfolding nothing but love along your path.

3 – You are surrounded by the loving energy of the Ascended Masters, who are in essence, the beautiful teachers that have graced this planet, lived a human life and have now transitioned into the spiritual realm. Ascended Masters include those such as Buddha, Jesus, Mother Theresa and many others.

4 – You are being surrounded by loving angelic ethereal support at this time. Know that you have access to an abundance of love and healing energy from the angelic realm.

5 – Changes are unfolding along your path! Keep your thoughts positive so that you may co-create wonderful experiences with the universe as these changes present themselves in your life. These changes can be physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual. The more 5’s you see, the bigger the changes.

6 – Take a moment to bring yourself back to balance. If you find that you are stressing heavily over material items or over your finances, inhale deeply and allow yourself to relax. Ask the universe for help in releasing your fears, doubts, or perceptions of lack and in a state of calmness: all else will unfold perfectly for you.

7 – You are on the right path in every sense! Keep doing what you’re doing and keep an open eye for opportunities and doors available to you.

8 – Abundance and prosperity are infinitely available to you! Look around and take in the things that are abundantly present in your life. Examples of things that may be abundant in your life right now include things like snacks, gas in your car tank, love, friendships, support or peace. Whatever it may be, know that you are not only abundant in this present moment, but also that more is on its way.

9 – A chapter is coming to a close. Allow yourself to release what no longer serves you so that you may step into your new beginning. You have everything you need with you in this moment to experience your desires and expand on your soul purpose. Follow your inner promptings or what calls to you, for you are capable and you are ready.

I hope that this series of number breakdowns has been of great aid to you. Know that you are infinitely loved, supported and treasured by the universe. Should you find yourself feeling low, down, scared or worried, take the time to notice what numbers appear. You may find the answer that you’ve been seeking or the reassurance that everything you need is readily available to you.