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Quality Over Quantity: Sweatshirts!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Miami chapter.

There simply is nothing in the world that I love more than sweatshirts. They are practically my uniform. Even though I go to school in 70 degree weather, I always have a sweatshirt on or around my waist. I used to be the type of person who had almost 50 sweatshirts in my closet, and would only wear the same 5. Now, I have less sweatshirts but way better quality, style, and trend. These sweatshirts typically cost a little more than average, but are a way better investment that multiple “eh sweatshirts.” So if you are trying to treat yourself and make a quality purchase, look no further! 


One of my favorite places to look first for trendy sweatshirts is Madhappy. Every couple weeks this brand drops new hoodies, crewnecks, and other loungewear. Since they release new items often and have tons of designs and styles to choose from. Their sweatshirts are super durable, thick, and quality material that sustained every wash. They are also super trendy and can be the statement to an outfit. 

Drew House

Another great sweatshirt brand to shop from is Drew House. This company is actually created and owned by the one and only, Justin Bieber, which automatically makes this brand trendy. Drew House randomly releases their sweatshirts and apparel so unfortunately, it can be hard to obtain. Once they announce a drop, I recommend setting a reminder so you can be the first to buy!

Cherry LA

Lastly, a new place which is super cute and simple is Cherry LA. This brand releases items every once in a while and are known for their quality materials and simple designs. Their pieces add a little spice and can dress up any comfy outfit. Their sweats range from super simple, to super fun designs – definitely check them out!

These brands are just a couple of the trendy, fun places to get quality sweatshirts. No matter where you purchase from, the biggest take away is to invest in quality, trendy pieces that will last a lifetime, versus a bunch of a-okay sweatshirts that won’t mean much to you!

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Hi! My name is Rachel Fein and I am the Campus Correspondent & President of the Miami Chapter! I am a motivated student majoring in Communications and seeking a BA in Creative Advertising with a minor in Art. In my free time you can either find me searching for trendy Miami restaurants or watching Netflix!