A Netflix Must Watch

Do you ever start a show and literally finish it within two days because it was just that good? 

Those few days are the best! But then when you end it, you're sad, and that cycle goes on and on. Recently, I found myself doing this with Netflix’s new show, Emily In Paris.

I'm sure you have seen Emily in Paris show up on your Netflix, recently. At first, I saw it and wasn’t even sure if I wanted to watch it. However, trust me when I tell you this, from Episode 1 all the way to Episode 10, it had my attention the entire time. Watching Emily in Paris was definitely a great decision!

If you are into fashion, traveling, feminism, comedy and a little romance, this is the perfect show for you!

Since the pandemic, traveling has not been a thing. However, since Emily in Paris takes place in Paris, I felt as though I was there with her.

Emily In Paris is about a girl named Emily who works at a marketing firm in Chicago. She gets offered the job of her dreams and has the opportunity to go to Paris to bring some American styles to the Paris company. However, while she is there, it is not as easy as she had thought. You would expect everything to run smoothly, especially in Paris, however, her boss isn’t the nicest to her. Emily goes into the company with full force, but the French people don’t like that because they are more on the chill side when it comes to working.

In the end, Emily learned that despite her boss not liking her and giving her a hard time constantly, she shouldn’t give up. She always persevered, pushed her ideas and refused to back down.

At times, Emily in Paris may not be the most realistic show, but I think it shows a very important message. Your boss may not like you but that does not mean that you should back down. Also, in the show, Emily left everything she had to chase her dreams. I think especially while you are young, it is important to chase your dreams, even if it means going to another country. You never know what opportunities it can bring, so do it while you are still young and free!