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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Miami chapter.

If your friend group is anything like mine, you’re a dysfunctional mess that still wants to look super trendy and as though you have your lives in order. This poses a problem when the topic of Friendsgiving comes around – who’s going to coordinate the food, who’s making the cute sign for pictures and most importantly, who’s going to cook? Here’s a cute and fun way to give everyone a role easily:

1. The person with the largest home is the host.


Hey, it’s not anyone’s fault they have the biggest living room and a kitchen sizable for cooking up a storm. It’s their fault for always bragging about the size of their place…

2. The person with the apartment closest to the host makes the turkey.

Because the closer you are to the biggest house, the bigger the responsibility thrusted upon you. Besides, they’re the closest ones to the biggest kitchen.

3. The one with the most social media accounts coordinates the rest of the side dishes BUT bakes the pies.

Hopefully they can get help from the forest animals Snow White style, but if not, there’s always YouTube tutorials to get them through.

4. The “Mom” buys the plates, napkins, etc.

We all have the “Mom” in the group, taking care of us. Today is her day to shine! She probably will come with a theme set because she’s that perfect and put together.

5. The tallest one is in charge of setting up.

It’s for everyone’s benefit that no one has to climb on chairs to get the cute banner up. They basically have their own built-in ladder.

6. The one in the longest relationship is in charge of making the crafts.

We see you making cute cards and DIY crafts for the significant other. Time to share that love with us, honey!

7. The oldest one grabs the wine.

Depending on the age range of your squad, she/he may be the only one who can anyway, let’s be real.

8. The Type A guy/gal is in charge of cleaning up.

All that obsessing over getting the house tidy and sparkling new – it will probably be the cleanliest it’s been all year! View it as the prize to the host!

Don’t forget to give thanks for one another!


Kaitlin is a junior majoring in Marketing and Advertising. She was the Editor in Chief of the Ibis Yearbook, a Marketing Research Lab Assistant, a SOBE, and a 'Cane for a Day. On the weekends, she likes to read, explore the city, and try new places to eat.