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First Swimsuits Now Dresses! Disney Offers Adults the Chance to be a Modern Day Princess

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Miami chapter.

(The front display of The Dress Shop with looks inspired by Minnie Mouse and Snow White. Photo: Twitter)

Earlier in the semester, we discovered that Disney-inspired swimsuits were a thing. Now, The Dress Shop is rolling out Disney inspired dresses. The trend is part of DisneyBounding, when you dress as a modern version of a Disney character instead of wearing the actual costume.

“We designed The Dress Shop collection for guests who want to emulate their favorite Disney characters or theme park attractions in a fun, retro way,” said Merchandiser Donna Sorrow to Disney Parks Blog. “These items aren’t costumes, rather the collection contains perfect outfits for guests who have a passion for Disney style.”

(A dress inspired by Belle from Beauty and Beast. Photo: Twitter)

The Dress Shop opened on March 31st. The shop, located in Orlando, carries tons of dress inspired by characters and rides at Disney. Some of the styles will soon be available online. Since the items aren’t available for sale online yet, there’s no way to check avaible sizes and prices. However, comments found on Inside the Magic indicate sizes up to 3XL. The clothes run large and prices range from $100 to $160.

The store is perfect for the parks “Dapper Days.” This is when locals and tourists alike crowd the parks twice a year donning their best Disney inspired outfits.

(A Haunted Mansion inspired look. Photo: Twitter)

Until the merchandise becomes available online, all we can do is drool or take an unexpected roadtrip after finals.

I am currently a senior broadcast journalism and theatre major at the University of Miami. I love pageants, coffee, and animals.