Fashion in Politics

Over the years, women’s fashion has become political. Many female political figures choose to wear certain outfits to make a political statement. Each and every day, women are taking the chance to fight against the patriarchy and thus, are wearing symbolic fits!

  1. 1. Kamala Harris

    kamala harris speaking at an event

    When Kamala Harris delivered her first speech as the United States Vice President, she wore an all white suit to pay her respect to the suffragettes of the 20th century. The color white is very symbolic with women's suffrage. Wearing white became symbolic in 1968 when the first African American woman, Shirley Chisholm, was elected to congress. 

  2. 2. Alexandria Ocasio- Cortez

    Have you noticed that Alexandria Ocasio- Cortez wears bright, red lipstick almost every time? At first, I was not aware she was wearing it to make a statement, but I quickly learned why she does. AOC revealed that she started wearing red lipstick when she was running in the primary election for the first time. Since many people did not know who she was, she was constantly running around trying to get her voice and face out there. She thought wearing red lipstick would look bold and put together. Red lipstick also shows a symbol of confidence, which is especially important to have when you are running in the primary election. 

  3. 3. Ruth Bader Ginsburg

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg 2016 portrait

    Ruth was known for wearing collars with her robs. The standard robes were made for men to show their ries. However, RBG and Sandra Day O’ Connon decided one day they should do something with their robes to include something that is feminine. So, that is when RBG started to wear different collars that represent different things. RBG felt that this was a good way to leverage the male oriented environment. 

  4. 4. Ivanka Trump

    Ivanka Trump is known for wearing affordable clothing. She constantly is wearing clothing from Zara, J. Crew etc. Ivanka’s goal is to attract more of the middle class by wearing clothing that still looks cute, but is also on the more affordable side. Unlike Melania Trump, Ivanka is trying to wear outfits so that people can actually relate to her without breaking the bank. 

Overall, fashion has become political. More and more women are wearing certain pieces to make a statement- a political statement.