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Starting as a freshman in college, I truly appreciated the comfort of the things I had at home. I kept trying to find that same comfort in my dorm room and I just could not get the feel! After lots of research on Youtube, social media, and Amazon, I found a couple items that truly made my life easier, and my living space more homey!

Cold Brew Maker

My first find was from Amazon, and it was absolutely life changing. I’m crazy about cold brew, but spending 4 dollars every day at Starbucks can seriously add up! In addition, whenever I bought a bottle of cold brew from the store, I’d literally finish it in 4 cups! As a solution to save money, and have easier accessibility to cold brew, I invested in a 20 dollar cold brew maker from Amazon. It is super simple to use – you buy any bag of grounded coffee beans, fill the filter with them, add water, shake, and let it brew in the fridge for 12-24 minutes and voila – COLD BREW! The best part is that once you purchase the bag of coffee beans, you can create lots of pitchers of cold brew right in your dorm room with the fraction of the cost!

BlissLights Sky Lite Projector

This next product is also from Amazon, and basically went viral on social media. The one and only BlissLights Sky Lite projector! This instantly became a game changer, especially at night. The projector magically turns your bedroom ceilings/wall into a beautiful galaxy. Whether you are going to bed or just want to rest with the lights off, it adds a great element of relaxation, comfort, and fun to your room. It really creates a great ambiance to look forward to every night and I love falling asleep with it! It was especially helpful for my slight fear of sleeping in the pitch black dark…

Dream Kit

I am the first to admit that decorating a dorm room can be extremely stressful. However, with the right items, it can be a fun and stress-free experience! This item is a beautiful collage kit from Tezza. Tezza has 4 collage kits; the “Dream Kit” (my favorite) comes with 75 alike images for you to hang up and collage together. I really enjoyed this kit because it organized my pictures by color and came printed for me, really taking the hassle and stress of doing it myself away.

Dormify’s White Brick Removable Wallpaper

The final product I recommend is something that is a complete vibe upgrade to your dorm room. We’ve all had that moment when we walk into our dorm room for the first time and refer to it as a “jail cell” because of the cement, beige walls. Well, there are plenty of solutions to cover up and brighten those walls and my favorite one is Dormify’s White Brick Removable Wallpaper! This adhesive wallpaper is easy to apply and remove, and adds positive vibes to your atmosphere! In addition to that style, they have many other prints and patterns to choose from, making it super easy to customize your room to your liking.

With all these products, you will be sure to have a super cozy and customized dorm room, making it feel just like home!

Hi! My name is Nicole Katz and I am from Newton, Massachusetts. I am majoring in Media Management and minoring in marketing. I love everything skincare - packaging, product, reviews, and more! I am also very passionate in health and wellness, and love to learn more about our bodies and mind every day! I can't wait to share my knowledge, experience, and tips with the Her Campus community!