Christian Guevara: Class of 2017

Christian is a 24 year-old media writing and production major from Glen Cove, Long Island in NY. He's a friendly face on campus always willing to lend a hand! The senior is in his final semester in the Frost School of Music. For his yearly recital, he went above and beyond.

What organizations are you involved in at UM?

"The Society of Composers Inc. Frost Pep Band and Marching Band."

How does it feel to be graduating in a month?

"It feels bittersweet. Also exciting and nervous at the same time."

What are your plans after graduation?

"To get a masters in media writing & production at UM and a masters in screen scoring at USC."

For your senior recital, you wrote an entire musical. Why did you decided to do this?

"I decided to do this when I saw two of my friend's senior recital which are Spencer Robelen and Rachel Dean. They put on an amazing senior recital which involved their musical writing, so I would say they were part of my inspiration!"

What was your inspiration?

"Well it was mostly from God and him helping find and listen to the right composers, which were: Alan Menken, Hans Zimmer, James Horner, James Newtown Howard and many more!"

What was the most challenging part?

"I would say orchestrating the music and getting the cast to rehearse with the music and or orchestra."

What was your favorite part of the whole creative process?

"I would say having Rafael De La Zerda there to help me with the lyrics and having my awesome friend Gabrielle Argimon helping me for musical direction and to be my manager in this process!"

What do you hope to do with the musical now?

"I plan to take it to Disney and hope they will make it into a movie. If so I would like the same cast to be in the movie as well."

How did it feel, after working on it for so long, to finally show it to the world?

"It feels amazing!"

What advice do you have for younger students in your major?

"To follow your dreams, and be sure what you want to be in life. Also plan, prepare and be the best out there!"