Best Dessert Places in Miami

In the city of Miami, there are so many tasty restaurants to fulfill all of your food cravings. Miami is known for its diversity and variety in culture- serving up delicious dishes ranging from asian, american, to italian food. Although I have a great appreciation for these types of foods, I have a deeper appreciation for the plentiful and unique amount of dessert places in Miami. Whether you're craving donuts or ice cream or pie, Miami’s modern food innovations will satisfy your taste buds. There are too many sweet options to choose from, so I want to highlight some of the best ones for you, here!

  1. 1. Fireman Derek’s Bake Shop


    First up we have Fireman Derek’s Bake Shop. This popular bakery is located in Coconut Grove, serving up unique dessert items like cookies, cakes, cheesecakes, pies, and many more! They are famous for their ingredient-packed desserts- their most popular one being their pies. Personally, I love the cookie monster pie the most! This pie is described to have “a chocolate chip crust and layer of crushed oreo cookies and is finished off with pralines, whipped cream, chopped chocolate chip cookies, caramel and Ghirardelli chocolate sauce.” What could possibly be better?

  2. 2. Night Owl 

    Night Owl Cookies

    This next dessert place is for those late night cookie cravers who want the perfect cookie along with a cold glass of milk. If this sounds like you, then Night Owl Cookies is your place! With the convenience of delivery straight to your door, you can order an assortment of warm, delightful cookies right to your bed. Some of my personal favorite cookies are the classic chocolate chip, and the dirty diana. The dirty diana consists of chocolate cookie dough, stuffed with nutella, and finished off with a nutella drizzle and some powdered sugar. You can order an assortment of their yummy cookies to satisfy your cravings and get a good insta story!

  3. 3. Chill-N Nitrogen Ice Cream

    Last but not least is Chill-N Nitrogen Ice Cream. This place is a must for ice cream lovers who enjoy making their own creations! You are able to pick your flavor of choice, along with add-in flavors and toppings. The employee then creates the ice cream of your dreams using a super innovative nitrogen process. The diagram below should explain how it works:


No matter what you are in the mood for, you are bound to have a dessert that you’ll love from at least one of these yummy places!