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Zach Smith ’17

Meet sophomore Zach Smith, an aspiring pediatrician who lives his life to the fullest. When he’s not in class, you can find Zach hiking, playing sports with his friends or showing prospective students around campus as a Miami Tour Guide and Student Ambassador. Read on to learn a little more about this caring cutie!

Major: Microbiology/Pre-MedHometown: Newark, OhioRelationship status: In a relationship Hobbies: Playing sports with my friends, Hiking, Netflix Campus involvement: Tour Guide, Student Ambassador, Big Brothers/Big Sisters

Her Campus: What is your dream job?Zach Smith: I have always wanted to be a pediatrician. I love helping people and there’s nothing better than working with kids all day, so it’s a perfect fit.  

HC: Do you have any role models?ZS: I would say that my parents have been great role models for me. My dad was extremely poor growing up in rural Kentucky, but he worked hard to pay his way through school and is successful because of his determination. I admire how both of my parents accomplished their goals, and I hope that one day I can say that I accomplished all of my goals too.

HC: What is your favorite memory from Miami so far?ZS: I don’t have one memory in particular that stands out. I would say any time out with my friends is my favorite memory. Just going out to relax with your buddies is always a great night.

HC: What is the coolest thing you’ve ever done?ZS: In my mind, the coolest thing I’ve ever done and something I will never forget is the day that I got to lay a wreath on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. My high school senior class trip was to D.C. and I was given the opportunity to lay the wreath. It was a huge honor and a really cool moment to be able to pay respect to our troops like that. Another thing I’m proud of is hiking to the top of the tallest mountain in Colorado. I love to be outside doing anything active, and hiking is one of my favorites. Being on the top of a mountain is one of the best feelings in the world.

HC: If you could choose anyone to play you in a movie, who would it be?ZS: Zach Galifianakis. Same name, but he’s better looking.

HC: If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?ZS: Europe, but if I had to pick one country there, Italy. I went once a couple summers ago and it was amazing. They have fantastic beaches and gelato and honestly what more do you really need all summer long?

HC: What is your ideal first date?ZS: It’s kind of a cliché, but I think dinner and a movie. It’s a classic, and it’s never let me down.

HC: What is your life motto?ZS: “This too shall pass.” I like it because it’s a reminder that even if you have a bad day, the next day will be better. But also, if you have a great day, that doesn’t mean to stop working towards the future, because tomorrow isn’t promised. It helps me to stay grounded and focused on my future.

HC: If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money?ZS: Travel the world. There are so many places I want to see. I would probably just get on a plane and go to places like New Zealand, The Alps, or The Great Barrier Reef. The world has so many amazing and unique places, I think it would be an adventure exploring them all.

HC: If you could have dinner with anyone in the world, who would it be and why?ZS: Morgan Freeman. Just so I could listen to him talk all night long.

Choose one: Books or movies? Movies Summer or winter? Summer, hands downFiesta Charra or La Pinata? Fiesta CharraDogs or cats? I’m a dog guy

HC: Would you rather win a year of free breakfast from McDonald’s or a year of free coffee from Starbucks? ZS: Easy choice: McDonald’s breakfast. I hate coffee, so unless it’s hot chocolate, I don’t drink Starbucks.

HC: Would you rather go back in time to meet your ancestors or go to the future to meet your great-great-grandchildren?ZS: Definitely go to the future to meet my great-great-grandchildren. Partially because I want to see what they’re like and partially to see if they have flying cars yet.

HC: Would you rather have more time or more money?ZS: More time. Life is pretty awesome and I would love to have more time to live it.

Favorite… TV show: HouseSong of all time: Chasing Cars by Snow PatrolFood: Pizza…. Or mashed potatoesUptown bar or restaurant: Mac and Joe’sHouse name: So many to choose from.. I can’t pick just onePizza topping: The Works (but no mushrooms)Movie: Good Will Hunting


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