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You Know You’re In The Right Sorority When…

Every girl who has gone through rush can understand the worries one might have— “Does this necklace go with this dress?” “What is business casual?” “Twenty minutes is not enough time to get to the next round!” But the biggest worry we can all agree on is “How can I tell I made the right choice and chose the right sorority for me?” Time and time again we hear that we need to trust the system, and in the end we’ll find where we belong. Sometimes you’ll know it’s the perfect fit right away, but other times it could take a of couple weeks.

Here are some tell tale signs to know that you’ve landed the perfect fit:

1. You get a flutter or burst of excitement on bid day when you open that card and read the letters of your new home. Happiness is something we can’t fake to ourselves ladies! You are happy, simple as that.  Now run to your sorority!  


2. You instantly click with your new pledge class. Yeah, maybe you don’t know each other just yet, but you feel free to gab with any of them about boys, sorority meetings and classes. You are all in the same shoes and cling to each other in the best way possible.

3. You meet an upperclassman that you literally want to be, like, girl crush to the max. Her hair, her personality and her humor are all just too perfect. Honestly, when she followed you on Instagram it was the highlight of your week. You even have to restrain yourself from saying, “Teach me your ways!”

4. You feel excited about your philanthropy. It becomes a foundation and cause that you really connect to. Helping others draws your bond with your sisters closer. You learn that volunteering feels better than you ever knew. The philanthropy events become a treat instead of a requirement.

5. You are excited in the morning to represent your letters. Whether it be throwing on your Alex and Ani bracelet, a pass down shirt from your amazing big or a hat (because who really showers before their 8:30s) with your letters on it. You are proud for people to know your sorority.  

6. You and your sisters click like real sisters. The only thing is there is no way one mom could handle the crazy that you are when your sisters are together. You quickly learn there is more to sisterhood than genetics.

7. You know that you have a hundred plus girls who you can turn to when things get rough because sisterhood is more than just jokes, pictures and nights uptown. Your bond is real and you are there for each other.

8. When you are away from your sisters over spring break or the summer, you miss them like crazy. You count down the days until you’re reunited and can’t stop posting #TBTs of you and your girls. You find yourself excited to go home (except to you your suite has become like a home).  That’s when you know there’s no place you’d rather be.   


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