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Winter Is Coming (For Our Bare Legs)

Ladies and gentlemen, Game of Thrones has invaded Miami University. Winter is coming. And college kids are NOT having it. A majority of the social life here consists of bar-hopping Uptown and attending frat parties on the outskirts of campus. How are the femme fatales of this university supposed to thrive in trendy skirts and risqué crop tops when it’s thirty-five degrees in the prime hours of partying? Of course, there is the problem of getting to the destination with bare legs, though the biggest issue revolves around the inconsistencies of temperatures in the different environments. Outside may be closing in on thirty, however inside Brick Street and all of the infamous overcrowded frat houses could reach seventy degrees. So the question becomes: Do we bring jackets? Do we still wear skirts if our legs will hate us later? Why don’t guys have this problem?! Well, I have a solution for the ladies of Miami who start uncontrollably perspiring when it gets too hot and unconsciously shiver on the other side of the spectrum. Some may think, clothes are clothes. There are some for winter and some for summer. Ah, yes, but the best part about packing for a school with seasonal weather is that you bring both. Thus, the mixing and matching must commence.


Here are some go-to outfits for the winter months that will leave you looking both hot and comfortable in the freezing temperatures:

1. The long-sleeve crop top, short skirt, and over-the-knee boots. This option is very popular due to its functionality. The skirt gives you the ability to dance and move around freely, while the boots warm your legs and the long sleeves keep your core warm. Not to mention, upper thigh skin and midriff regions are strategically on display.

2. The high-waisted jeans, flowy long-sleeve crop top, and booties. This option is a little more reserved, though equally fashionable. The jeans adequately shield your legs from the brisk winds and the flowiness of the long-sleeve top covers your upper body. At the same time, the crop top does not suffocate you as you move and the booties are a comfortable addition.

3. The mesh long-sleeve, three-quarter jeans, and calf boots. This is my personal favorite. After all, it seems like everyone is wearing the same thing these days and this outfit is unique and stylish. The mesh long-sleeve is both breathable and provides coverage, while the three-quarter jeans leave a little leg exposed. The boots are what really ties this outfit together.

4. The light sweater, severely ripped jeans, and sneakers. This option offers the least leg coverage but is undoubtedly the most comfortable. The softness of the sweater prevents sweat stains without the heaviness of a bulky one. The jeans are the highlight of this outfit, contrasting the simplicity of the sweater and the sneakers. And, of course, the durability of the going-out-shoes never fail.

Other smart articles of clothing to have for the winter:

Fuzzy short-sleeve top, cropped sweatshirt, high-waisted chinos, long-sleeve romper, shoulder-hanging sweater

Janelle Hart

Miami (OH) '21

Janelle is an English - Creative Writing and Media and Culture double major at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. Prior to college, she attended a small high school in her hometown of Freehold, NJ. She loves to write about today's culture and aspires to write future films.
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