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Why “Black Panther” Is the Movie of the Year

1. It has female HEROES.

While the King’s sister is not crowned, she is in charge of all the technology that makes Wakanda unique and powerful. She is the brains of the country. Not to mention the other boss ladies who fighter better than the men.

2. It is the epitome of the golden rule.

Without giving anything away, the King of Wakanda embodies the golden rule. He does for others what he would want to have done to him. It will make your heart melt. It made me sob.

3. The makes you think about where you come from and how powerful your love for family and your community is.

The love the people had for Wakanda and the willingness to help was moving. The community rallied together to support one another – regardless if they had a bad past.

4. The lead character, Chadwick Boseman, is a hunk.

Not only was his character’s personality amazing, but his body….

5. It is a movie that FINALLY portrays an African American superhero.

Not to mention, it’s the best Marvel movie – at least in my opinion. It touches upon so many issues that United States currently faces. From division, discrimination, feminism, etc.

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