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What Miami Guys Think of Girls at the Gym

Miami has given its students an amazing recreation center and we take full advantage of it. I can attest that there’s a longer wait to get an elliptical at 8 PM than an FSB salad at noon. Miami students are known for their desire to be physically fit and healthy individuals (if it isn’t obvious enough from the wide range of credit classes like canoeing or rock climbing).

Miami hosts tons of work out classes and has its doors open 17 hours per day to accommodate the mass amounts of students who flock to the gym each day. The problem? The boys. Yes I said it ladies, the boys. If you have spent any time at the rec you know where I am coming from. No matter how confident a girl is, working out with “the boys” is always a little nerve-racking. Being around all of those cute boys while you are sweating like a pig, make-up all over your face, and hair frizzed out could make any girl self-conscious. But should we really be worried about what we look like or do at the gym? I decided to speak with my good guy friend, A.J., about it and asked him to give his opinion on a few things you might be curious about.

Make-Up: “Makeup is completely useless at the gym because you are going to sweat it all off anyway, so you might as well not put any on to work out.”

Hair: “I don’t get why girls come to the gym looking like they are going to prom. We don’t care what your hair looks like at all.”

 “I’m a guy, so clearly I love seeing girls in clothes that flaunt their bodies not hide them.”

Sweat: Sweat is completely normal at the gym, so we aren’t going to judge you for sweating. Besides, being sweaty shows us that you actually work hard rather than just mess around on the track for 15 minutes.”

The Weight Room: “I don’t get why you guys are afraid to come downstairs. We love girls in the weight room, but we hate when you guys stand in a corner and just talk the whole time.”

Conclusion? I think it’s pretty obvious that some of these answers are a little different than what we might have expected. If I have learned anything, it’s that guys like to see us sweat and have confidence.

Going to the gym should be about working hard and feeling good about yourself and your body. So ladies, put down the mascara, grab a cute yoga top, and hit the weight room with full confidence!

Lizzie Miller is a Junior at Miami University. She is a Contributing Writer for the Miami (OH) Chapter of Her Campus."
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