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The Voice of Collin McLoughlin

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Miami (OH) chapter.

This past Tuesday, quite the celebrity rolled into Oxford on his tour bus. The talented Collin McLoughlin was in town for the I’m Shmacked tour at The Woods. This specific tour Collin was performing for is part of a production being put on by Yofray Films. Yofray Films has been compiling a series of mini films from many universities that showcases the school’s pride, tradition, football, and partying ways. For more of a preview of the I’m Shmacked concept, check out this video highlighting the recent movement featuring colleges across the nation.

HC caught up with Collin and asked him a few questions about his experience on The Voice, what he loves most about his job, where fans can follow him next on his tour, and a surprising factoid about himself. You can find him on iTunes, or check out his personal website (his cover of Rihanna’s Stay is pretty dynamite, just saying!). 

Can you tell us about your experience on The Voice?

My experience on The Voice was great. I got to learn from amazingly talented musicians like Blake Shelton, Mary J Blige and Adam Levine, and had an amazing opportunity to show many aspects of my music career to a massive new audience, which was really great for my career.

What do you love most about what you do? 

What I love most about what I do is the fact that I can spend hours and hours alone in a room crafting a song that will then be played hundreds of thousands of times, all over the world. I take immense joy in releasing music that comes from a real place, and the ability to write, sing, and produce the song start to finish gives me a unique way to share this emotion with the world. Nothing is more rewarding than performing a song I’ve made in front of a massive crowd, and the best thing about what I do is being blessed to make material that people emotionally connect to and feel attached to.  

Where are you headed next on your tour? 

My next destination is back to Dallas to work on finishing up some new remixes. I just spent the last few weeks in Dallas, NY, and Nashville doing DJ performance sets with Bingo Players, Project 46, and Sound Remedy which were all great.

What’s one thing that would surprise people most about you?

One thing that most people would be surprised to learn about me is that I am a massive fan of food and cooking.  I love grilling and making interesting marinades, and the whole process of cooking and making meals.


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