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It’s March. For the sports junkies of the world, this means March Madness. The most exciting period of time in the sports world. Anything can happen – and it does!

But if you’re not interested in sports, March is just another month.

Which stinks because making a bracket is such a fun thing to do with your friends and family. SooOo0Oo… I wanted to make the March Madness bracket but for something more interesting for us girly girls. A competition of some of the trends for 2018 to see which I think will be the biggest trend of the year!

Round One



Pastels vs Fringe


I’m gonna have to give this one to fringe. It’s more diverse. You can wear it at night to the club, but as you can seen here, you can make fringe daytime friendly! Pastels are just a little too kiddy for me.


Color Blocking vs Logos


Color blocking is one of my favorite trends this year. It really makes you stand out in a good way. Logos, on the other hand, make you stand out in a bad way. We get it! You can afford Gucci! Congratulations! This round goes to color blocking.

Polka Dots vs Sheer



Wearing a sheer top can be really fun for a night on the town, but it can be kind of difficult to style for more casual events. Unless you want to show everyone your goodies, and in that case – go for it! Polka dots can have a lot of different variances: big, small, colored, different patterns. I’ve also seen a lot of sheer dress with polka dots. Aka polka dots win the day!


Animal Print vs 80s


While animal print is the hottest trend as of right now, I don’t think it’s going to last. It’s just inherently tacky and it’ll go out just as quick as it came in. However, the return of the 80s is here to stay! The straight legged pants, sneakers, graphic tees, bold colors, and broad shoulders are rocking right now and I think will be for quite some time.


Round Two



Fringe vs Color Blocking


This one is tough but I think I’m gonna give it to fringe. I feel like you’d be able to wear fringe to more events. Day, night, casually, fancy, funky, simple etc. Color blocking feels like more of a dressy daytime look to me. And while I’m really into the look, I think fringe is going to have a bigger moment this year for the average person.


Polka Dots vs 80s


I think I’m going to have to give it to 80s again because you can do so much with it. When you wear polka dots, I think it’s hard to get away from looking nautical and overly preppy. While the picture here is very streetstyle, I think for the average girl, polka dots are hard to make edgy.

Round Three        

Fringe vs. 80s



And the winner of Mal’s 2018 Trend Madness is… *drum roll*… 80s! Mainly because 80’s fashion incompasses most of the trends that are popular right now. Which maybe is cheating, but I don’t care. I’m an 80s girl at heart and I’m LIVING for this trend.

Mallory Hackett

Miami (OH) '20

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