Top Ten Thanksgiving Foods

Thanksgiving is next week and I can’t stop thinking about the amazing food I will be eating. I was inspired to make my own top ten thanksgiving food list:


1. Mashed Potatoes and Gravy. A warm comfort food that is bound to be present at every Thanksgiving dinner. Some people like it with the lumps of potatoes still in it but I prefer it to be smooth and fluffy.

2. King’s Hawaiian rolls. These rolls are incredibly sweet and soft. I choose to put butter on them and dip them in my gravy from my mashed potatoes but everyone eats their rolls differently. I am guaranteed to eat at least 3 rolls during the course of the meal.

3. Turkey. For the meat eaters, turkey is the main course of the meal. We usually have both dark and white meat turkey at our Thanksgiving dinner, both are equally delicious. This is another menu item that I prefer to dip in gravy.

4. Sweet Potatoes. I make the sweet potatoes for my family’s Thanksgiving dinner and every year I get great reviews. I personally don’t eat them because I’m not a huge sweet potato fan but I still continue to make it for my family.

5. Stuffing. I usually eat a little bit of stuffing with my meal. It is a nice, warm addition to my plate to keep my taste buds satisfied.

6. Green Beans. This is the vegetable that we eat at Thanksgiving. We typically cook them with little cubes of ham to add extra flavor.

7. Noodles. This is something that I believe is fairly unique to my own family’s Thanksgiving. My grandma makes thick noodles (similar to dumplings) and put them in a delicious broth. This is easily my favorite part of Thanksgiving and I always make sure to take the leftovers home with me.

8. Pumpkin pie and cool whip. For dessert, I typically choose the pumpkin pie and put a bit of cool whip on top. Pumpkin pie never fails to disappoint an always puts the finishing touch on my Thanksgiving meal.

9. Apple Pie. If I’m for some reason not in the mood for pumpkin pie, we always have multiple pie options at our Thanksgiving. Apple pie is my second favorite pie and we typically serve it with ice cream.

10. Sherbert punch. Every year, my grandma makes punch for Thanksgiving that is a mixture of sherbert and various sodas and juices. It is my favorite drink and I have a few cups every time she makes.


Whether you are having an extravagant meal with your entire family or a small little get together, Thanksgiving is a time to come together and devour delicious food. I know I can’t wait to fill my plate with these 10 delicious foods.