Timotheé Chalamet Being Hot


While this definitely will be a creepy article where I gush over how beautiful Timotheé Chalamet is, it’s more than just that. It’s more than just his beautiful hair, eyes, smirk, style, and quirky personality. He isn’t just a Beautiful Boy (lol get it?)! He also is crazy talented. Like, have you seen his movies? Last year alone he was in two of the most talked about movies of the season – Lady Bird and Call me by your Name. He also had more minor roles in some really thought provoking movies like Men, Women and Children and Interstellar. Plus, he’s now working on even bigger movies. Later this year he’s in a movie with Steve Carell that looks heart-wrenchingly amazing, per usual. So, while this is going to focus on how hot Timotheé is, part of what makes him so attractive is how talented he is. Just FYI. But still, if you ever read this Timotheé, feel free to call me!


I can’t even deal with the all white ensemble. He pulls it off better than most!

Even though this shirt is a joke and so is his dancing in CMBYN, he’s still so cute.

As if I couldn’t want sweater weather more!

Love a man in some good corduroys.

That bone structure!!!

Happy boys are the best boys (‘:

Look at me the way T.C. looks at the camera in this picture.

If this picture doesn’t break your heart, you’re heartless.

*he was a sk8r boi*

Caught scheming


I call this The Smolder

Soft smiles for Timotheé.

Forget Zayn’s strand of hair, THIS is a good head of hair.

He doesn’t even need pants to look great!