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Summer Vacation As Told By Rihanna

Summer vacation is quickly approaching (ugh, sorry for the reminder). And when you’re not sitting by the pool or in a cubicle at your internship, it’s a time to pull yourself together and prepare yourself for another semester of eating, drinking and basically living like you’re dying (read: graduating). Her Campus received a summer survival kit to help us out with gifts from Chipotle, CrunchLive.com, boohoo.com, a book by Nicole Lapin and jewels from chloe + isabel.

New summer goal: to become more healthy, financially and socially stable AND look good doing it #celebrateyourself. You know who else has it together and looks good doing it? Rihanna. Consider us jealous, or shall we say, inspired? Here’s summer vacay as told by Rihanna: 

Get Lunch With Your Friends

Specifically, we mean Chipotle. But catching up and laughing with your friends over a meal is always a good idea. We want that— cake, cake, cake, cake, cake… burrito, burrito, burrito, burrito… same difference.

Get Your Hair Done

The summer is a good time to try new things, including new hair— new color, cut and/or style. If you don’t like it, you have all summer to grow it out. Studies show hair grows faster in the summer too. Then keep those madeover locks dry in the rain with a new “umbrella, ella, ella, eh” or an emergency poncho from boohoo.com for those girls on the go. 

Pick Up A New Read

Keep your brain strong and learn how to take care of your finances by reading Rich Bitch: A Simple 12-Step Plan for Getting Your Financial Life Together…Finally by Nicole Lapin. Did you spend $80 on your business frat’s bar crawl that last weekend of school? Learn how to rein it in. When you’re more financially stable like Riri, then you can ball out. 

Workout (Mostly) Every Day 

Warm weather is the perfect weather to go for a walk or a run. Visit CrunchLive.com, a website full of various workouts, to help you tone up in between cardio sessions. Your body (booty) and your bikini will thank you. 



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