From Sixth Street to Brick Street - Rose O'Deens

This summer, I had the opportunity to visit my best friend from Miami in her hometown of Austin, Texas. The city is growing and becoming more popular, but Rose O’Deens shared a local’s perspective of life in Austin.

HC: Where are you from?

Rose: I’m from Austin, Texas.

HC: Why did you choose to go to school in Ohio?

Rose: My dad lives in Cleveland, Ohio, so I get in state tuition, but I wanted an out of state feel. Miami feels like a southern school with the red brick and large Greek life community, which reminds me of home.

HC: What is your favorite thing about Miami?

Rose: The size of the school- it is small enough to know people when you walk to class every day. However, it is big enough to always make new friends and not run into people everywhere you go.

HC: What do you miss most about Texas?

Rose: The live music!! There are so many concerts all year round. We also have Austin City limits, which is a huge music festival, like Lollapalooza, every year and it is such a fun experience. The food and the things to do outside are other aspects I miss. There are lots of springs, lakes, creeks, hike and bike trails, and more! Austin is very outdoorsy and healthy, so we have a lot of cool outdoor activities and fun places to eat like trailer food, acai bowls, QUESO and brisket!!

HC: What are your favorite things to do in the summer?

Rose: Go to Krause springs, explore downtown Austin, play volleyball at Zilker Park, hang out on the dock, or go to Kerbey Lane.

HC: What is your favorite food in Austin?

Rose: Kerbey Lane- it has the best queso ever, best special pancakes (lemon poppy seed), breakfast tacos and so much more yummy stuff! Also, brisket from the Salt Lick and creamed corn with serrano chilies.

HC: What are the biggest differences between Ohio and Texas?

Rose: The weather and outdoor activity options- everything is outside in Texas and there are so many options there. People go more to things like the theatre or bowling in Ohio, rather than all going to Zilker Park or something outside. I also think Austin is super artsy , so people dress that way, while people in Ohio dress more cookie cutter. We’re also known for the slogan “keep Austin weird”.

HC: What stereotypes do you encounter? Is Austin different from the rest of Texas?

Rose: A lot of typical stereotypes of Texas like riding horses to school aren’t true. However, Austin is much different than a lot of Texas- we are more eclectic and ~hipster~ and less country. I would say we are a more outdoorsy version of any other large city. On the other hand, if you go north more towards Odessa you will see it gets more country. In addition, there are many people who have horses and lots of land, but it is more of a ranch feel with cattle rather than agriculture like Ohio is. I think sayings like “ain’t, y’all and fixin’ to” are very prevalent even in the city of Austin. Our accents or “country twang” are not very noticeable whereas in other areas of Texas they truly have a thick accent.