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Six Costumes You Can Wear After Halloween

It’s Halloween time and once again, we have all encountered the annual issue of spending money on a costume that we know we may potentially never wear again. Halloween is a blast at college but participating in the spirit of this holiday can be challenging when you’re on a student’s budget. To help ease your mind and wallet, here are some simple costumes that you can wear after Halloween!

1. Witch

Put your own twist on one of the most common costumes out there. This costume comes in a variety of styles, both sexy and scary! If you’re planning to land on the sexy side of the spectrum, you might try wearing a simple short black skirt and a black tank top. Add a sexy pair of heels and a typical witch’s hat, and you’re ready to go!

2. Slumber Party

Group costumes are always a great idea. They’re good for a laugh and will undoubtedly catch everyone’s attention uptown. If you and your friends do decide to go with group costumes, try friends at a slumber party. You can where your pajamas and be super comfy/warm at the same time. Bring your hairbrush and pretend to be singing into it for a little extra fun!

3. Cat

Another common costume but super easy! All you need is a pair of cat ears (tails aren’t necessary unless you really want one). Clothing wise, feel free to where anything black, or whatever color cat you want to be. Just use some eyeliner to draw on a nose and whiskers to complete this classic costume.

4. Favorite Singer or Band Member

Everyone has that one singer or band member they want to be, so why not pretend to be them for a night? It’s as easy as buying simple clothes that match this person’s style. These clothes tend to be things that we wear in our everyday lives, so they can definitely be worn again!

5. Holly Golightly

Breakfast at Tiffany’s is an iconic movie and Audrey Hepburn is perfect as Holly Golightly. This particular costume is a bit fancier but also very simple. All you need is a little black dress, something that every girl should have in their lives, and a pair of black heels. Twist your hair back, add some pearls (real or fake), slide on some sunglasses and you’re all set.

6. Duchess of Cambridge

Every girl dreams of being a princess, but Kate Middleton has proved that being royalty doesn’t always involve big poofy dresses and tiaras. Kate is a style icon and lucky for us, several of her outfits can be easily recreated and capable of being worn again many times after Halloween. Just Google pictures of the gorgeous Duchess or look in magazines to get ideas. This is one costume that can have several looks!


Don’t forget: makeup can be your best friend! There are tons of costumes that can be made with just doing your makeup a certain way to create a spectrum of looks from whimsical to downright scary. After decking out your face, you can where whatever you want. Feel free to be creative, and Happy Halloween! 

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