Series to Binge Watch Over Break

Finals week is halfway done, which brings us one step closer to going home and forgetting everything we spent hours cramming for! A perfect way to de-stress from all of those hours of jamming information into your brain is to watch TV, movies, and YouTube series that requires absolutely no thinking at all. So before the stress of the holidays comes at you in full force, get comfy on your couch, get out of your own head, and immerse yourself into a world different from your own. Here are 5 series to binge watch next week: 

1. Harry Potter

There's nothing like entering into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter to forget about what your final grades are going to be. 

2. Shane Dawson

From conspiracy theories to the Secret Life of Jeffree Star, you'll be watching for hours. 

3. Great British Bake Off

There is truly nothing more pleasant than watching British people bake beautiful sweets.

4. Grace and Frankie 

So hilarious and plenty of episodes to watch. 

5. The Haunting of Hill House

There is only one season, but it completely sucks you in.