Senior Bucket-list

Well, seniors we finally made it. When we were at orientation and we were called the class of 2019, it seemed nearly impossible that this day would ever come. As we prepare to take our final exams and leave our days at Miami behind we have this urge to do as many Miami things as possible one last time before we leave. So here are some ideas to do before we walk across the stage:

1. Late night Pulleys

2. Get your favorite bagel from bagel and deli

3. 90s night at Brick

4. Drive through the corn fields with your friends at night with the windows down screaming your fav music at the top of your lungs

5. Half price sushi at Sushi Nara

6. Beat the Clock

7. Ordering Doughby's and being extremely lazy with your BFFs

8. Go to a frat party and be very happy that you'll never have to go to one again

9. Brunos 

10. Admire this beautiful campus one last time