Saying Goodbye To The "Mother Of All Shows"

Stop reading here if you have not yet seen the finale of How I Met Your Mother.
Okay, don't say I didn't warn you. The following is a brief summary of the sereis finale: Ted finally meets the mother; Robin and Barney divorce after three years of marriage; Barney continues with a Playbook II and after “banging one girl every night for a month” the 31st girl ends up pregnant; Barney gets in touch with his soft side with his daughter Ellie; Marshall finally becomes a judge “Supreme Fudge,” Lilly is prego with baby no. 3; Robin’s career takes off at the expense of her friends; and surprise the mother dies.
Hold on, let me repeat that...after nine seasons of us hunting and searching for Ted’s epic love, the mother dies! 
So what exactly does this mean? Apparently, we are right back to where we started. Robin Scherbatsky. Personally, I found this to be rather poetic when Ted shows up at her apartment with the blue French horn. However, this surprise ending sent some fans into an uproar feeling cheated and mislead. This was not the true love conquers all story that many loyal fans had hoped for. 
All in all, I think we can say this was a successful ending if only because of the responsiveness it received. Every loose end was tied and the only unanswered question seemed to be about the latex whale outfit Lilly was wearing at Halloween. How she managed to keep a straight face in this costume was beyond me. But, by the end of the show, I felt good about leaving all of the characters behind and content with almost every aspect of the finale, except maybe Robin’s new haircut (wig). For this beloved series, I think it was one mother of a goodbye