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Red Brick Runway: Emily Rand

When you think of Oxford, Ohio a few things might cross your mind.

Miami University, obviously comes to mind first. What would Oxford be without its stunning campus? Its classic three-story red brick buildings and its spacious quads where students lay out, play sand volleyball and study give Oxford a charm that no one can resist. You might think of Miami’s historic greek life, where five(!) alpha chapters were created. Or of the academics that have given Miami the nickname “The Public Ivy” and include prestigious institutions like the Farmer School of Business. You might even think of our infamous holiday Green Beer Day and the controversial drinking culture that surrounds the student body.

One thing that you probably would never think of when you hear Oxford, Ohio or Miami University is fashion. And why would you? We are located in the middle of a sea of corn. The closest thing we have to a city is Hamilton and that’s far from being a bustling metropolis. Beyond that, there’s Cincinnati. Which, again is nothing special in terms of trendiness.

However, even with all of that being true, Miami’s little bubble has found a way to be stylish in its own right. There is a rapidly growing fashion and design program that puts on an annual fashion show with more than 20 designers and over 60 models rocking the runway. This fashion also happens to be the largest student-run fashion show in the nation (suck on that NYC!). We also have a student fashion magazine, Up, that works to be innovative even though we are a rural town in Ohio. As one could imagine, there are also pockets of fashionistas walking the red brick streets uptown. They bring a twist to the typical “J Crew U” stereotype that Miami has been given. One of these trendsetters is sophomore, Emily Rand.

I got to talk to Emily about her style and here’s what she had to say!

HerCampus: How would you describe your style?

Emily Rand: Some words I would use to describe my style are: chic, edgy, and classic.

HC: What are your favorite stores to shop at?

ER: My favorite store to shop at is easily H&M. As a broke college student I am always able to find cute, trendy, and affordable things that I love. Which, usually results to me regularly dropping north of $100 (it’s fine). Fast fashion stores like H&M, Zara, and TopShop are the best!

HC: What are your fashion essentials? Especially for fall/winter?

ER: Big, chunky sweaters are a must for me during the fall and winter seasons. They are comfortable and also super stylish without a lot of hassle. I also love a good pair of boots with my sweater because it adds a chic touch.

HC: Who/what is your style inspiration?

ER: Almost everything I see inspires my style. I’ll see someone walking down the street in something cute and then I’ll search the sites to find something similar. I also make sure to keep my Instagram feed packed with bloggers, so I’m constantly finding new inspiration. One of my favorite bloggers who I literally aspire to be is Emma Hill. (Check her out on Instagram @emmahill!)

HC: What’s your favorite outfit?

ER: One of my all time favorite outfits is a sky blue and white button up, cropped boot cut vintage jeans, and my Superga platform espadrille sneakers. I love this outfit because of the way it looks put together. It makes me feel confident and fashionable.

HC: What are your favorite pieces in your wardrobe?

ER: I am obsessed with my high waisted jeans and I have way too many. But I love each pair, so it was definitely worth the money I spent and the drawer space they take up. I also love my lavender ruffle sleeved top, it is so spunky and fun and I have nothing else like it (it’s from H&M, obviously)! And finally, my platform sneakers. My friends literally call me the platform queen because I am so obsessed with them. I have eight pairs of platforms and wear them all the time, platforms are a necessity, end of story.

HC: What are your tips for an aspiring fashionista?  

ER: Follow your gut and only purchase things you absolutely love. Don’t try to copy other people’s clothes and style, dress for yourself and be yourself!

Make sure you check out Emily’s style on her Instagram @emilyrand22!

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