The Real Competition At The Kentucky Derby

Jockeys and horses alike will be parading around Churchill Downs Racetrack Saturday, May 3rd for the 139th annual Kentucky Derby. Riders will fly around the track in vibrant colors and preppy designs, but the main event can be found within the stands: the spectators.
It is obvious that spring fashion takes a front seat as the main event, not those champion thoroughbreds. Derby watchers pull out all the stops when it comes to choosing the perfect apparel for the big day. From pastels to delicate dresses, this equestrian competition is a Southern belle’s dream. Don’t forget, no girl would be caught dead without the ultimate statement piece: an oversized hat!
While Kate and William will not be making an appearance at this fete, as all savvy collegiettes are aware, no royal wedding is complete without donning a necessary and large, colorful headpiece. In fact, dare to show up without out and you’ll look like you’re wearing jeans to the prom. Thus, it goes without saying that the same style guidelines are also implied for the Deby.  
Lucky enough to attend the Derby but still don’t have a hat? There’s still time to tie together the perfect outfit and impress those Southern lads. Here are some of HC’s favorites that would make even Seabiscuit smile:
Don't leave you hat at home because after all, a hat is believed to bring good luck for your favorite horse! If all else fails, consider rocking a statement headband like style icon LC (pictured above)!
Let the races and style showdown begin!