Reagan Heck: Pro-Israel Activist

My roomie, Reagan Heck, is the VP of marketing for the “Students For Israel at Miami” group on campus, a Gamma Phi Beta sorority member, Active Minds participant, and StandWithUs Emerson fellow. Additionally, Reagan is returning to Israel this summer to intern with a Tel Aviv company called “Windows”. She will be advocating for peace through the practice of advertising and creative thinking. I know - what an AMAZING gal. Enjoy learning about her upcoming trip!


1. Which part of Israel are you staying at during your internship?

  • Tel Aviv apartment with Cincinnati peers.


2. How long are you staying in Israel for the program?

  • From June 6th to July 31st.


3. Why did the “Windows” internship interest you?

  • Reagan wants to do something productive while being immersed in Israeli culture.


4. What are you excited and nervous about?

  • Reagan is excited to meet new people and reunite with family members in Israel - but also feels a level of discomfort being away from immediate family.


5. What do you hope to gain from this opportunity?

  • Reagan hopes to gain many cool experiences, new friendships, memories that will last a lifetime, and practical skills for later career benefits.


6. Would you recommend that others visit Israel?

  • YES - 100%. It is a beautiful country that everyone should visit at least once.


7. What political stress is Israel currently facing?

  • Conflict between Palestinians and Israelis. Reagan has a desire to bring peace and a new light to the tense situation at hand.


8. What ignited your passion for the Jewish culture?

  • Reagan’s mom is Jewish, but was personally raised Catholic. Reagan later disregarded that faith. However, after coming to Miami University, a Jewish friend invited Reagan to a Students For Israel at Miami meeting; which led to further exploration of her Jewish origin. Hillel soon became Reagan’s second home on campus.


9. You have traveled to Israel once before, tell us details!

  • May 2017 after freshman year at Miami, Reagan went on Birthright. It was surreal to her. From an 11 hour plane ride, to not knowing many people - a lot of nervous were overwhelming at first. Once she arrived, though, a sense of belonging and purpose settled in her mind and all fell into place. The trip was 10 days (but she stayed 5 days longer to reunite with family in Israel) full of adventure. Reagan went to Mount Arbel, the Old City, a graffiti tour, Independence Hall, Rabin Square, the Bedouin Tents, the Holocaust Museum, Mount Masada, the Dead Sea, Ben Yehuda Street, the Western Wall, and Kibbutz. Reagan also had her own Bat Mitzvah and rode camels!


10. What was your favorite part about Birthright?

  • Her Bat Mitzvah, because it was unexpected and super meaningful. Reagan was gushing over the fact that she actually had this magical moment during the trip.