My Best Friend for Costumes: Amazon

More often than not, I use Amazon to create stylish, unique costumes. My favorite thing about Amazon is how quickly you can receive your order. This is especially important for college students, who frequently have little time to plan the perfect party outfit. Amazon is also a great way to get inspired, simply scanning and searching pieces can bring about amazing costume ideas. I’ve used Amazon for date parties, such as American and 2000’s themed, and to piece together Halloween costumes I can’t wait to show off.


Amazon - Date Party, Themed Looks


To fit an American themed party, I Amazon-ed white star patches and a blue tube top to make a compliment worthy top, shown below. I then paired the piece with cowboy boots, jean shorts, and an Amazon bandana headband to finish the look. I love having this ready to go, noteworthy American costume as an addition to my closet, especially since American or similar themes are especially popular.  

Amazon, America outfit pictured on the left


For my upcoming 2000’s themed date party, Amazon helped bring to life my idea of a sassy Bratz Doll costume. I Amazon-ed a pink t-shirt, groovy letter patches, and purple tights. I previously obtained a white skater skirt from Amazon, which I also used in this look. I took the pink t-shirt and cut it to end above the skirt, I also cut out the collar. This gave my t-shirt the spunky, Bratz Doll look I was going for. I then ironed on the patches, spelling Bratz across the t-shirt. I’m in love with my Bratz costume because of the one of a kind idea and how amazingly Amazon helped me create this look. Every piece is exactly what I needed. I can’t wait to stand out from the crowd in this bold 2000’s Bratz Costume. 

Halloween Costumes


Butterfly - A pair of wings and a black slip is all you need for a sure to love, flirty butterfly costume. Rock this look Halloween weekend and you will definitely some receive attention and adoration.  

For my butterfly look, I was able to find the perfect light-up wings, on Amazon, to add personality to this simpler look. Amazon also provided me the most comfortable and best-fitting black slip to pair with these wings. 

Cowgirl - while you can still find costume pieces for the classic cowgirl look on Amazon, this recipe provides a saucier cowgirl look easily obtained through Amazon. I created this spunky cowgirl by ordering from Amazon, a red bandana, a red sequin, light up cowgirl hat, a white cropped tank, and a white fringe, tassel hip scarf. Wear the tassel hip scarf over any white skirt for a more covering appearance. Finish this look by adding a pair of classic cowboy boots, white or red for a completely coordinated costume. This spunky cowgirl costume will give you a bold look, boosting confidence and racking in the compliments.


Use Amazon to successfully create unique costumes that’ll be seen exclusively on you. Additionally, if you’ve thought up an idea to which you can’t find a packaged costume, Amazon is a great place to visually pin together your desired look. Over the years, I’ve relied heavily on Amazon for last-minute looks and my own statement costumes. With exceptional delivery and a vast selection of all products, Amazon has never failed to meet and exceed my expectations.