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Mix Up Your Style with Mixed Metals

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Miami (OH) chapter.
First stacking was a popular craze, then layering necklaces took us by surprise, now there’s a new trend coming to the accessory train station: mixed metals. Some girls prefer to have one metal color that coordinates with the rest of their accessories. But now we know that being too “matchy-matchy” isn’t so “catchy-catchy” after all. Mixing your metals is actually very easy to do, and will help you show off some other arm candy that may not have matched with other ones.
Here is your HC guide to shaking things up: 
1. When utilizing the mixed metal trend, try to stick to one main color as your canvas. One color in particular is emerald. This beautiful lush shade of green is the perfect color for making your different metals pop and shine. Try to stick to a simple blouse (dress, pant, etc.), as having too much going on with your blouse may distract others from seeing your mixed metals as they should be seen. 
2. Nail color is important too. Darker, richer polishes go best with mixed metals. Anything pastel, neon, or dull will not suffice. Mixed metals need to be the main concentration. Try deep reds, plums, or nudes.
3. Pendants are totally fun to work into your outfits too. If you plan on wearing a mixed metal pendant, make sure to simplify everything else. Stick to smaller earrings, less bling-y watches, and bracelets. 
4. Adding a small amount of animal print could be genius if done correctly. Try wearing an animal print bracelet, using a belt, or carrying an animal print bag or clutch. Animal print + mixed metals + emerald= glam goddess perfection. 
Trying a new trend can be slightly terrifying if you’ve never stepped extremely far out of your fashion comfort zone. The idea behind mixed metals is jazzing up your look and feeling unique. Mixed metals are a nice break from the typical baubles we all love so much, or the small charm necklaces we don every day. What are you waiting for, start switching up your metals this weekend; we guarantee you’ll be a showstopper!