Meet 'MQ' Editor-In-Chief: Abby Walters

Abby Walters may be as close to “having it all” as anyone can dream, but she knows well enough to remind us to not stretch ourselves too thin! Walters is the Editor-in-Chief of “Miami Quarterly,” a fitness instructor at the Rec, member of Phi Mu sorority, and is already accepted into law school for the fall of 2015! Meanwhile, Abby is a dedicated sister and friend, and those who know her best describe her as thoughtful, dedicated, and loyal. Keep reading to find out how she stays organized and what this successful senior is most looking forward to in the future!
HC: What has been your key to organization over the last four years?
AW: Staying busy. Being stretched for time makes organization a do or die kind of thing. You need to plan ahead and make lists because otherwise there’s a very real chance that something’s not going to get done. That being said, there are probably better experts on this subject.
HC: What is your idea of success?
AW: Being part of a change or creating something that will positively affect others long after I’m gone.  
HC: What will you miss most about Miami?
AW: The people I met and the memories I made with them. I hope that’s what everyone misses most about Miami. 
HC: What are you most looking forward to in your post-grad life?
AW: Happy Sundays. Sundays in college are very sad days. You wake up with a headache, miss your dog more than usual and then have to do the work you’ve put off all weekend. I imagine that Sundays post-grad will be mimosas and movies and happiness. 
HC: What has been the best decision or experience you have had in the last four years which has contributed to who you are today?
AW: The decision to travel. During my time at Miami, I was fortunate enough to spend a summer in Europe and J-Term in India. Seeing and meeting people who live differently has made me a more open-minded and curious person. Traveling also reminded me of my own insignificance and taught me to take myself less seriously. People who take themselves too seriously are no fun. I’m more fun now. 
HC: Favorite movie and why?
AW: “8 Mile,”or as some of you may know it, the Eminem movie. I love rap and I’m a sucker for a good underdog story. “8 Mile” has both. Plus, the final rap battle is epic and watching it always improves my day. I just watched it on YouTube. Feelin’ great.
HC: What has been the biggest lesson you’ve learned here at Miami?
AW: Don’t stretch yourself too thin. It’s hard to say no, but you should. Trying to “do it all” only leads to stress and subpar work. Say yes to the opportunities that mean something to you. Then kick ass at them.
HC: What lead you to the Miami Quarterly and what are you most proud of while you’ve been editor?
AW: When I was a freshman here, my sister, Steph, was a senior. She knew I loved to write and told me about a magazine on campus whose writing style reminded her of my own, the Miami Quarterly. I picked up a copy and agreed that it was a great fit. It was informative and entertaining (Note: this is MQ’s mission), just like me. I applied to work as a staff writer my sophomore year, and surprise!, was accepted. I’ve since worked as a Section Editor, Managing Editor, and now, Editor-in-Chief. As Editor-in-Chief I’m most proud of the staff I’ve selected. I work with great, energetic people who all want to put out a great product. They’re people who will continue MQ’s good reputation into the future.