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Juan Pablo: Dud Or Stud?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Miami (OH) chapter.
I will admit that the sexy Latin guy with the killer abs and adorable accent had me love struck from Desiree’s season and left me wanting much more. Like many, I anxiously awaited for his season to begin to see more of shirtless Juan Pablo, and more of his big heart. However, after just a few episodes I began to change my mind, and pretty quickly Juan went from stud to total dud in my eyes.
Just like Andi, the constant “it’s okay” from Juan Pablo got really old…really fast. Not only did I hear that and “besitos” all too many times, but suddenly I saw Juan Pablo in a new light. Now, he just seems a little immature, not capable of emotion and shallow. While many let him get away with it, I refuse to let him use the language barrier as an excuse. Yes, a language barrier can make it more difficult to communicate, but emotions are still all the same, and I did not see many emotions from him throughout the season. Take for example his relationship with Sharleen. Juan Pablo seemed to be head over heels for her, yet when she chose to go home, he was fine! As for the other women, when Andi was expressing her concerns with the fantasy suite and clearly trying to get a reaction out of him, he simply was not interested. It’s one thing to not want or like confrontation, but what I saw, was the incapability to connect with others. 
Unfortunately, Juan Pablo turned out to be a dud, but I did admire Andi, and she’s the reason I kept watching. Personally, I think this world needs more women like her; women that are strong, stand up for what they know is right, don’t need a man to depend on, and when they are interested in someone, it’s for the right reasons. While Andi did admit to having a good time and feeling physical chemistry with Juan Pablo, the fact that he seemed uninterested in her and that he knew so little about her life is an excellent reason not to marry the guy! Andi for once, shed an important light on the show for how unrealistic it really is. What Juan Pablo said to Andi in the fantasy suite is still unclear; however, I have no hard time believing it. After all, he handled the midnight swim situation with Clare pretty poorly too.
As for the winner, I hope neither Nikki nor Clare accepts the marriage. I’m predicting that Juan Pablo will propose to Nikki, since she’s been given a rose first every time over Clare, but I think Nikki is far too good for him. If what Juan Pablo wants is someone to oogle at him and his body all day long, propose to Clare. Personally I can’t stand Clare or her obsessive, dramatic ways, but hey! If that’s what he wants…Anyway, no matter who he ends up with, (that is, if he ends up with anyone) I think we can all safely say that Juan Pablo’s season will not be one of the few successful relationships to have come from “The Bachelor.”