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How to Walk Around in Style From this Fashion-Savy Blogger

During one of my many Pinterest binge sessions senior year of high school, I came across a picture. I was intrigued, since it had both a “professional” picture taken out of a magazine, and a picture of almost the same outfit taken by someone from their very own home. I clicked on it and it led me to the most ingenious site that has ever been created.
The site, JsEverydayFashion.com, is a fashion blog run by a woman who goes by the name, “J.” She decided to start the blog after losing her job back in 2010. She takes inspiration from anywhere—pictures from ads, mannequins, even quotes—and creates an outfit with affordable clothing pieces. 
The genius part of the site is this—unlike other fashion magazines and blogs, her outfits are actually outfits you could wear in the real world. Although J is a couple of years older than me and wears more pencil skirts than mini skirts, I find myself inspired by her own creativity some days and try and create my own versions of the outfits for class or when going out. J relates to women of all ages. Some days, she’ll wear a fun top and shorts; other days, she’ll wear dress pants and a blazer. Her blog is perfect for girls my age who are getting ready to dress more seriously for internships and our first “big-girl” jobs, but who still can get away with wearing shorter dresses to parties and bars.
J also posts where she got every piece from, how much it’s worth, and showcases one item from her outfit and has other items just like it with links where to buy.
She also creates a monthly budget and tells readers what she bought that month and how much she spent. You can even tour her (old) closet! The girl has a lot of colored jeans and pencil skirts, and her adorable pup even makes an appearance. The video reassured me that I would absolutely swap clothes with her any day of the week. J also makes appearances on local Florida television shows talking about fashion and sharing her talents of creating affordable fashion with the world. As if she wasn’t already doing well enough, she also recently just got engaged! I cannot wait to see her post about wedding dress and bridesmaid dress shopping!
I give J two thumbs up for showing girls everywhere that you can dress cute for cheap. As J puts it, “Fashion is not just for the rich and famous.”
While Carrie Bradshaw will forever be my favorite fashion icon, a girl on a college budget does not have the luxury to prance along the streets of New York City wearing a $400 pair of Manolos. Until then, I will spend my days clicking through J’s site and challenging myself to be as creative and budget-conscious as the girl in the photos. 
J’s Instagram: @jseverydayfashion
Another great blog to check out: http://theeastyle.com/about/ 
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