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How to Beat the Struggles of a Long Distance Relationship

Finding a significant other during your college years is a very remarkable feeling. The two of you may have much in common: the same group of friends, similar interests and passions, and you both get to enjoy college together! There may be a down side to this unfortunately- your hometowns are nowhere near each other. This is a risk that you must face in the dating world, but just because you both aren’t from the same town doesn’t mean your relationship can’t work post graduation. Long distance relationships seem to have a negative connotation, though it is said that the distance may be what keeps you two together in the end (as crazy and wild as that sounds). If you’re struggling with the hardships of dating someone long distance this summer, here is your guide to keeping the love alive until fall arrives:

Never underestimate the power of a phone call- Leave one another brief voicemails unexpectedly as a surprise. These don’t have to be some elaborate, thought out message, just a quick “I love you, and was thinking of you,” will do. I’m not in a long distance relationship, but I love clocking out at work and seeing that I have a voicemail from my boyfriend. It’s a nice feeling that some people don’t get to feel often- try it! 
Be pen pals- Long ago, in what seems like a totally different universe, people actually wrote each other handwritten notes. Send letters, postcards, or even packages! I love being able to see someone’s feelings through their own handwriting. It’s an overwhelming excitement and it’s simply more personable. This can give you something to look forward to or could even be a surprise. Your letters can be something that you read again when you’re feeling sad; they can remind you of what you have with your significant other and why you care about them so much. 
Meet halfway- When you feel like you need a nice getaway, do it! Call your lover and tell them to meet you somewhere that’s relatively halfway and plan a fun day of activities. If that’s in the city you can go to lunch, go shopping, or even sit outside at Starbucks and gab the day away. Maybe you can’t do this the entire summer, but doing it a few times, or even once may help take some of the stress away from the relationship. 
Long distance relationships can be very challenging, but love can pull you through. Take the summer to grow and spend time on you, especially after a hard year’s work at school. Remember that it takes two people to commit to a relationship; so don’t put too much stress on yourself during the summer. Follow this guide and see how these ideas help you stay in touch with your love over the next few months! 
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