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How Bailey Richterman Balances Life with a Double Major

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Miami (OH) chapter.

Her Campus: Why did you decide to double major?

Bailey Richterman: I decided to double major on accident.  Freshman year, I set up my schedule to be able to pursue business or pre-medical studies, really pre-dental, but I ended up liking both, so I majored in both.  I also hope that my finance major will distinguish me from other dental school applicants.

HC: When workloads start to pile up with both majors how do you handle it?

BR: When my workload starts to pile up, I prioritize based on my timeline.  So, for example, if I have a biology exam Tuesday and a finance exam Wednesday, I will study for biology first and then finance. It’s easier to prioritize based on the classes I am taking than to prioritize based on major, especially since doing well in both majors is very important.

HC: What has double majoring taught you?

BR: Double majoring has taught me that there are several ways to reach your end goal.  My end goal is dental school, and I also want my own practice.  A majority of dental students are science-related majors, but I wanted to make sure that I was educated in the sciences and I wanted to be able to run my practice.  So, I chose a difficult, but achievable path with my double major and that will hopefully help me in the future.

HC: What advice would you give for anyone who wants to double major?

BR: Double majoring is difficult, but worth it.  Just make sure that you choose majors that you enjoy

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