Hot Hair Trends For Spring '14

Spring means new life and new beginnings, so why not usher in the season with a new haircut? As flowers grow and blue skies decide to return (finally!), you may feel compelled to do something different, to stand out a bit, or try out a "new you." If you want to change your style up, but don’t know how, try one of these five fab spring hairdos!

1. The PageboyThe pageboy. Enough said. The classic shoulder-length bob with bangs is timeless, sleek, and versatile. Wear it with black eyeliner and leather and look like the next Joan Jett, or girlify it with a trendy bow headband, or even pair it with an LBD to look ultra-sophisticated. I must confess, though, that I am biased. I possess bangs myself, and have rocked the pageboy many times.

2. The Pixie

It’s been seen on the likes of Emma Watson, Jennifer Lawrence, and Beyonce. It’s fierce and stands out amid all the long locks. Like the pageboy, it’s quite versatile. The pixie is a risky cut for sure, so be absolutely sure before committing, but odds are you’ll look fab and be glad you took the plunge!

3. The Curly BobThe bob is often thought of as pin-straight, but fear not, curly girls. You, too, with your enviable tendrils, can have a bob cut of your own. Just cut your hair short and let your curls do their thing!

4. The Long Bob

It’s simple, yet stunning and sophisticated. Not to mention, it's a good way to get your long hair off your back (literally) as you approach those hot summer months, plus it doesn’t require too much maintenance. It’s a win-win, just ask Jennifer Lawrence!

5. The Asymmetrical If you’re looking for something a little different and striking, but you aren’t quite comfortable committing to a pixie yet, the asymmetrical bob might be the way to go. The diagonal slant is edgy, but the bob style is still traditional enough to not rock the boat too much. Plus, if you don’t like it, you can always cut it short and symmetrical – but honestly, chances are you’ll love it.