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HC Miami’s Guide To Shopping For Rush Clothes


Sorority Recruitment: If you’re Greek or planning on going Greek, this is one of the most crucial times of the year. Sorority women dedicate large amounts of their time all year round preparing for Recruitment.

Miami Sorority Recruitment is at the beginning of the Spring Semester of the academic year. This has its advantages, Collegiettes! One of them is that Winter Break is the perfect time to check off some last minute outfit shopping. Don’t know where to start? No problem! Her Campus is here to help with five simple steps.

Step 1: Find out what you need. Skinny jeans for Open House?  A dress for Pref Round? Whatever it may be, write it down before you shop so you don’t forget anything!

Step 2: Take your measurements– bust, waist, hips. This step is useful if you have to order online or from the store if something is out of stock in your size.

Step 3: Map your shopping route. After you compile a list of the apparel items you need, spend a little time planning which stores you will go to for your purchases.

Step 4: Grab a shopping buddy! This is going to be your go-to person when trying on clothes. Make sure they’re honest with you so you’re sure to buy the best look and fit!

Step 5: Try on EVERYTHING. This is the most important step of them all. If you don’t try it on, you won’t know what it looks or feels like. It could be just OK on the rack, but it could look fabulous on you (and vice versa)!

HC’s go-to stores: Check out Forever 21, Zara, and Express for a quality selection of basics like cardigans, jeans, and business casual clothes.


Happy shopping and good luck during Recruitment!

Melissa Krueger is a Junior at Miami University. She is a Contributing Writer for the Miami (OH) Chapter of Her Campus.
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