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HC Miami Guide to High Street Bars

It’s Friday night (or Thursday night…or Saturday night…honestly, does it matter what night it is?) and you want to go out and get your groove on! So, where do you head? For Oxford’s small size, the number of choices students have for nightlife is almost shocking. Hopefully this short guide can help you decide where you want to hang out…or introduce you to a new crowd of people!

Brick Street
Contrary to the belief of some struggling first years I ran into this weekend… Brick Street is not actually a “street” (face-palm). Just about everyone knows Brick. At the beginning of every year, it’s where newbies feel comfortable going because it’s so accessible and it’s easy to get in. The longer you’re on campus, the more you notice how many non-students hang out at Brick. The local residents tend to take up space here hoping to get in with a group of University students. Unless it’s Thursday night (Ladies’ Night–holla!), don’t expect to see many familiar faces at this bar.

The Woods
Lovingly called “New Bar” by every self-respecting Miami student (in other words, unless you’re a new freshman, no one calls it “The Woods”), New Bar is the current “It Bar” of Oxford it seems. On a Friday or Saturday night, you can expect to wait in a pretty long line if you are Under 21.

Like New Bar, Miami students have a nickname for this bar. However it’s not so endearing. “Shadium” is often ignored by established Miami students. It’s got a great atmosphere if you’re looking for a smoky pool hall, but isn’t high on the list for students who are looking to get down.

45 is quickly becoming a popular hang out, and is a good alternative to New Bar. You can choose to hang out downstairs in the more relaxed bar scene or head up to Decibel for a dance floor and some deep bass party hits. Thursdays bring a big crowd to 45 for their 50 cent drafts.

Three Trees
This 21 and up bar offers a classy alternative to the dirty, slippery bar floors of places like Brick. Most often you will hear people say that they head here when they don’t want to be bothered by the under-21 crowd. Ever wonder where your graduate assistants or professors hang out? Most likely you’ll find them here.

Skipper’s/Top Deck
Skippers, a classic staple on the corner of Campus and High, features a small bar and place to hang out for people 18 and up. Skippers is famous for their beer towers and you’re sure to see many of them outside when the weather’s nice. There are no shortage of occasions to enjoy a drink at Skippers. With no dance floor, it’s a low-key place where all types kick back with their friends for a drink. If you’re 21, however, you can take your talents upstairs to Top Deck. Top Deck is a good place for the 21 and up crowd to go when the downstairs restaurant gets too crowed. They offer a full service bar, seating, and some pool.

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