Happy Friendsgiving

The leaves are falling, finals are looming, and the holiday lattes are back at Starbucks, which can only mean one thing: Thanksgiving is in the air!
It’s time for eating, giving thanks, and reuniting with the ones you love. Thanksgiving is the perfect opportunity to recognize all the blessings you have and be thankful for the people in your life. Turkey Day is not just for family though, Friendsgiving is also a fabulous way to catch up with your pals during the holiday season while indulging in some sweet treats. 
Friendsgiving is essentially just friends + food, but there are a lot of ways to make it special! Here's a few tidbits HC wants to share with you as you plan to host your own Friendsgiving:
Everyone makes a dish
"You make your famous chived mashed potatoes, and I’ll bring the cranberry sauce". If all of your friends make a dish, your meal will have more variety and on top of that, it's fun to sample everyone’s favorite dish!
Wear holiday sweaters
Is there anything better than enjoying pie while wearing a sweater with Rudolph or the Abominable Snowman on it? I think not!
Share highs and lows
My friends and I always go around the table and say our highs and lows for the day/month/year. This is an easy way for everyone to feel caught up with each other’s lives in no time.
Request a song
Have everyone attending your Friendsgiving festivities send you a song request, so you can make a baller playlist with everyone’s favorite holiday song!
Give thanks
Don’t forget the most important part of friends/thanksgiving– to be grateful for all which we are #blessed, including the great friends who you are sharing a wonderful dinner and some vino with!
Keep a thanks jar
To emphasize the theme of thanks, keep a jar out with paper and pens available so everyone can put in what they are thankful for about the people surrounded at the table. Then be sure to read them aloud once the jar is full.
Decorate in theme
Having the host's house look festive gives your holiday fete that extra oomph.
Host after Thanksgiving
Having a friendsgiving after the actual holiday is a nice change of pace from family time and is even more relaxing without the stress of holiday travels and other obligations. Can you say leftovers anyone?
Before we go away for J-term, hosting a Friendsgiving will allow you to gather your favorite people in one room. Enjoy the time with your friends this week, and for more on Friendsgiving etiquette, check out BuzzFeed's "17 Rules of Friendsgiving"