Gifts for Your Day Ones

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It’s the season of giving, the season of joy and hot chocolate and fuzzy socks. It is also the season where your bank account is closer to strangling you than ever before and every year, it seems as though the gifts keep getting more expensive and your options dwindle (you can’t give a gift twice!). If you’re anything like me, you’ve had the same friends for over ten years. When you take into account the birthdays and graduations and holidays, it’s pretty possible that you have given your best friends over thirty gifts. How are you supposed to think of the perfect gift three or four times a year, EVERY YEAR? It is exhausting being a best friend. But I’m here to tell you to stop thinking so hard for the perfect present! Most of us get frustrated to the point where we replace a gift that is thoughtful with one that is expensive. You really don’t have to break your bank account to get that appreciation from your bestie for “the most amazing gift ever”. All you need is to find the meaning behind something simple because chances are, if you put a lot of thought into your present, your day one will recognize that and just be happy to have you in their life.


To get you brainstorming, I’m going to ask you some question about your best friend that should get some ideas flowing. Where did you guys meet? Do you have a special place, maybe a coffee shop or bar, that you go to with just her? Can you think of any inside jokes you two refer to almost daily? What is your best memory you have with her? What is the worst memory you have with her? Do you guys listen to the same music? Do you share the same favorite film? What kind of style does your best friend have? What does she want to be when she grows up?


It is one thing to know exactly what your bestie wants and fulfill her wishes, but it is different when you have absolutely no idea what to get her. Now that your mind is filled with anything and everything that has to do with your best friend, let’s get more specific. I know that in this generation, memes and vines are very popular. For meme lovers, there are tons of apparel and even books based on viral phrases and images. has great stickers and hats and posters that will surely get a laugh.


Another possible gift option is one that is handmade. Although it requires a lot of work, it is surely worth it. You can look on Pinterest for more ideas about this one, but you could create a box of memories or write letters to your day one that she should open on special occasions. I did this for my best friend when I was fifteen and she still has so many more she hasn’t read yet. She always tells me that this is her favorite gift I have ever given her because of how thought-out it was and how she looks forward to opening another letter every birthday and monumental occasion.


If you’re all about the small things, this is for you: go to your local CVS or Walgreens and just go ham. They sell all kinds of random stuff in these stores - candy, movies, CDs, socks, cosmetics, literally anything. Just fill a whole box or bag with small trinkets and favorite snacks and post-it funny inside jokes or memories on each one. This personalizes the bag of gifts and is so much more affordable and fun.


The classic option is to go in the direction of clothing and accessories. Who doesn’t love a new sweater or pair of sneakers? Although these are more mainstream gifts that may be on the pricier side, there are definitely ways to personalize them! For instance, you could go all Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants and get a pair of jeans. Not just a pair of jeans, but a pair of jeans with sewn-on patches on the pockets or sides that reflect the personality of your main girl. Whether that be a pizza design or a cute crescent moon, the gift still has an aspect to it that reveals your consideration for her. You could also go the jewelry route and get her a necklace or bracelet with her name carved on it or possibly her horoscope sign (those are very popular nowadays. I would go for Frasier Sterling or CHVKER for some top quality jewelry.


My final suggestion is to give your best friend a slew of gift cards. I know how this sounds - bland. Vanilla. The Paul Rudd of all gifts. Hear me out. Is there a restaurant that she has been dying to try? Or maybe the opposite - is there a restaurant that you love and she doesn’t like? By getting her multiple gift cards, each with their own special meaning to you both, the present is more lively and could be used in so many ways. For the restaurant that she doesn’t like, you could write her a note saying that she could take you out to this place or finally try the desert that you love and she has yet to taste based on her biased presumptions. You could get her ones to her favorite clothing stores and they can range anywhere from $10-$20, however much you want to spend on your girl.


All of these options are just possible ways to go with this year’s holiday gift-giving. There are tons of interesting and unique online stores that offer gifts you’ve never even considered. Whatever you plan on giving to your bestie, just make it memorable. Everyone gets gifts from multiple people for the holidays and you don’t want to be that one person who gets them the same gift that their aunt already gave them. Think of it this way: you’re their best friend and there’s a reason for it. You know more about them than most and because they have the same task of getting you a great gift, you should try your best to be grateful for their many years of friendship, just as you would gas them up on Instagram or swear off boys with them. Make their holiday amazing to make your holiday even better!