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Do’s and Dont’s of Miami Parties

Being a senior, I have had four years of time to rack up a vast knowledge of the “do’s” and “dont’s” of college partying. As I look back, I can’t believe some of the things I wore, the drinks I drank, and the places I went. College partying is definitely a learning experience.  Since you’re attending the #9 party school in the nation, these tips will definitely come in handy.


  • TRAVEL WITH FRIENDS.  You will not have fun at a party where you don’t know anyone. Although Oxford is as safe as it gets, you can never be too careful.

  • CALL NEXT GAME. Get on the table! Grab a friend and get on the list for beer pong, or get a game of flip cup going. Playing drinking games at parties is a great way to get everyone engaged and talk to might people you normally might not have struck up a conversation with.
  • BE SOCIAL. As stated in the previous “Do,” go out of your way to talk to people. Get out of your corner and be social. Ask where people are going uptown, see where people live, what year they are. You don’t meet people without making an effort.
  • GO TO THE BARS. No matter how tired you are, go uptown! The bars are a great atmosphere and a load of fun. You will meet so many new people, and who doesn’t love to dance?
  • GO TO 90s NIGHT. It’s the music we were brought up with and you can never get too much Spice Girls, N’sync, Back Street Boys or Third Eye Blind. It’s a fun casual Tuesday night out at Brick Street, and you will never regret going.
  • USE CASH. Always have cash for uptown cover. Yes, sometimes the bouncers will still let you in. But there will always be those who will say NO to you if you don’t have money for cover. Just play it safe and stock your wallet before leaving.


  •  BE “THAT GIRL”. Don’t be the out of control girl at the party. First impressions last a LONG time, and you don’t want everyone’s first image of you to be a bad one.
  • LEAVE WITH YOUR DRINK. If you leave the property of a house with a drink in your hand (Even to step out on the sidewalk, you are able to get arrested.
  • SWAP CUPS. Don’t drink from random cups. Keep your germs to yourself.
  • SKIP DINNER. Ladies: this is a bad idea. Without eating dinner, those liquids will catch up to you very quickly, and the night will not end well.

  • EAT LATE-NIGHT FOOD. It’s college. So maybe you can indulge every once in a while, but don’t overdo it. The late night eating will catch up to you.
  • BECOME A PERMANENT MEMBER OF CLUB KING. Yes, there will be weekends where going out just isn’t an option because of exams or papers. However, every night that you can, you should be having fun and living it up. There are so many people to meet and amazing times to be had.

These years only happen once and not all of us are lucky enough to stay for victory laps (hey fifth-years). You will always remember the great times, and you will forever retell the awesome stories of what you and your friends did that “one Saturday night.” So take this list, use it wisely, and make some awesome memories.

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