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dar•ty /’därdē/ – noun – a social gathering of invited guests, typically involving eating, drinking, and entertainment during the day.

As the summer rolls into fall, one thing usually stands out in people’s minds: Back to school.

With back to school comes something arguably more important.

Darty season.

Rolling up to a strange house blasting some remix of the Chainsmokers with your girls at 2 p.m. on a Saturday to get plastered while ignoring the paper you have due on Monday. Getting into a homemade-2-foot-deep “swimming” pool with 100 randos. Dropping and killing your phone in the murky water of said “swimming” pool. Getting your favorite Rainbow flip-flops stolen and walking home barefoot just in time to run to an interview. Petting countless dogs who were dragged there against their will. Hanging over patios, roof tops, windows, convertibles, and decks to do the beer bong. There’s nothing like it.

So with this magical time quickly approaching, here is a list of things you need to get/do during this darty season.

  • Sunglasses – Block out the haters and the UV rays with some rad shades, man! But seriously, sunglasses are a necessity for day drinking. It’s going to be sunny and you do not want to look like Squints all afternoon and in those fun ‘n’ flirty instas you’ll be taking. Sunnies can also be a great accessory. Whether they are used to hide your face from any make up malfunctions that occurred when you tried (and failed) to chug a drink, or when there happened to be a slip ‘n slide at the party and you just had to try it. If you’re like me, a pair of shades can double as a hair piece to tame some of the frizz that has taken over your head. Here are some of my picks for your sunglass needs:

Ray Bans are always a good idea. They are classic, high quality, and if you can manage to not lose or break them, you can wear them for the rest of your life. They are definitely an investment, but one worth the money. I’ve been loving the Clubmaster style recently. They serve some Euro vibes and make you look more stylish than you actually are!

If you are anything like me then you look for a bargain everywhere before buying something expensive. These are a great alternative to the $150 pair of Raybans. Only $16 and from ASOS

These cat eye glasses will give you retro 50s mama vibes like nothing else. The oversized shape is also a great option if you’re trying to hide from a creepy frat guy or have major eye bags from the night before (studying, of course (; ). This pair from ASOS is also affordable for all the girls and guys out there balling on a budget

The trendiest pair in the bunch would be this small-oval-shaped ones. The tiny glasses from the 90s and 00s are making a major comeback. I’ve seen fashion icons like Kendall Jenner rocking pairs similar to these all over. So if you are down for a fad pick these up!


  • Sneakers – An unfortunate part of darties is mud. You will not want to wear your strappy sandals because they and your feet will be covered in dirt and beer. There will also be a good amount of walking involved on a Saturday afternoon of drinking, so be smart; wear sneakers. But all is not lost, my friends! There are so many cute sneakers out there for all of us! They are by far my favorite piece of clothing and can really amp up an outfit.Take at a peak at my fave styles:

This is the style of shoe that you’d see me rocking at a darty. They go with everything, are super easy to put on, are comfortable, and look cool. This is a must have in everyone’s closet. I like them so much that I have two pairs; one for going out and one for an everyday basis. Everyone and their mom owns the Adidas Superstars, and who can blame them? They’re cute, comfy, and go with a lot. The trifecta to a good sneaker. If you want to be a little different, go for the all white! While white shoes can be a B to clean, they make any outfit look classier and more put together. And you can always throw them in the wash to make them look brand spanking new again. Another option for those who want Adidas Superstars but don’t want to look like a complete trend follower is the Adidas Stan Smith. These offer the same look that an all white sneaker give but include a pop of color (there are a few different color options on the site). I’ve been seriously loving the look of white sneakers, as you can tell, so hop on the bandwagon like I have! They’ll seriously up your shoe game. If all of the classic shoes above are not your cup of tea, but you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on a trendy pair of unique shoes, these are the pair for you! These gold slip ons are a great party shoe that you don’t have to feel too bad if they get dirty because they were so cheap.

  • Phone Cases – Who wants to lug a purse around all day when you’ll be dancing, walking, throwing a football, getting inebriated and taking selfies with all of your sorority sisters? Not me! What’s even worse, is that if you make the poor decision to bring a purse, you will become the group’s pack mule. “Can you hold my wallet?” “Put my lip gloss in your purse.” “Let me stick my phone in there!” I know what you’re thinking. “I’m a female. Society likes to think that I don’t need pockets that are big enough to hold things, let alone pockets in general, so bag companies can continue to make a profit off of my need of a place to put my stuff. Where will I put all of my things if I don’t have a purse?” Do I have the answer for you!

Now you won’t be able to bring your Kylie LipKit or a portable charger, but you can bring the necessities. This is a much easier way to keep your things on you at all time. And trust me, you will not want to carry around more than you need to when you go out.

  • Jackets – If you have a top a little too risqué for the day, put a jacket on. If it’s a little chilly, put a jacket on. If you’re outfit is bland, put a jacket on. If you don’t have a jacket on, put a jacket on. Just put a jacket on. Here are some jackets.

I have a vintage Levi’s denim jacket and it’s my favorite piece in my wardrobe. But get this: I spent $8 on it. If you have a thrift store near you, go look through their denim. You can find some amazing pieces for a much lower price than what you can get on the internet. If a used jacket is not something you’re into, gap also has some great ~new~ jean jackets. You seriously cannot go wrong with a denim jacket. They go with everything (even denim, you rock that Canadian Tuxedo, girl!), literally never go out of style, and are super easy to just throw on. They are a staple to every wardrobe and you will get lots of wear out of one! Jean jackets with patches and other little details are a great way to show off your amazingly unique personality. However, you might have zero creativity. Buying a jacket with the little decals already on it might be the perfect way to save time and effort! Army green jackets are another staple in a wardrobe. They add a little color while still being neutral. Try a camouflage one for a little extra trendiness. This is an easy print to mix with other patterns, so step outside the box and try pairing prints with one another.

  • Denim – It’s the best bottom in the universe. Period. So practical, so comfortable, so stylish, so simple, so many options. A few of the many options:

Everyone needs a pair of black jeans in their collection. They’re give a cool factor to a look that blue wash denim just can’t. I love high-waisted everything, and Hollister has some of my favorite jeans. They are actually high-waisted enough, they have a nice stretch, and they make my butt look perky. High-waisted shorts are great for darty season. As you will probably be wearing a good number of crop tops, high waists are much appreciated (@my muffin top). They keep all the goods in place, and are super stylish. Pro tip: go to Goodwill and get a vintage pair and distress them yourself! That way you can make them as short as you want and you don’t have to worry about your butt cheeks hanging out. You’ll also save a lot of money doing this. I have two homemade shorts, and they fit me the best and I get the most compliments on them. Would recommend

  • Graphic Tees – These are another favorite in my wardrobe. They are unique to your own personal style and can be a great conversation starter at a party. Don’t be afraid to look in the men’s section for a cool graphic tee, they’re usually cooler than the woman’s, thanks society! If you see a cool graphic tee, buy it. You can never have too many and you’ll always regret passing on an original graphic. Because what tee you like is totally dependent on your style, I can’t really suggest specific shirts. But I like Urban Outfitters selection. Here are a few that I like (but go out there for yourself and find ones that catch your eye):
  • Jerseys – This one is FOR THE BOYS. But hey, anyone can rock a jersey. Whether it’s your favorite team, player, you just like the design, or you’re a bandwagon and “have always liked” Golden State, then a jersey is a great option for you! But beware for some cocky mofo to confront you asking “name 5 players for _____ team”. Basketball jerseys are probably the most popular, but if you go to Miami, hockey jerseys are another popular choice. So while you’re walking around campus darty hopping look out for these:

A classic! The only problem with jerseys is the price. They usually start around $50-60, so maybe ask for one for your birthday.


This jersey is one of my favorites. It’s a unique color as far as jerseys go, and there’s just something so cheeky about the basketball playing T-Rex.

Another unique jersey that I see around a lot. This one serves major retro vibes and I think it’s my personal favorite.

  • Naps – After a long day of drinking there is only one thing you’ll want to do. Sleep it off. The after darty nap is a quintessential part of the experience. Whether the nap is to refresh you for another night of drinking, a night of studying after a day of play, or you just give up on the rest of the day and sleep through the night, it’s an important step in the process. So remember to take your makeup off, get the mud splatters off your legs, turn the lights off and crawl in bed to catch some Z’s. You deserve it.


Okay y’all, you’ve made it! You are now ready to out and get smashed in the middle of the day! Enjoy this darty season, because I know I will.

Be safe out there.


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