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Chloe + Isabel: Every Collegiette’s Accessory Heaven

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Miami (OH) chapter.

During winter break I spent too much time catching up on sleep and hanging out with Netflix during the weekends. I recently spoke with a representative from Chloe + Isabel and decided to apply to be a merchandiser for their company. After applying I was accepted shortly and made an investment in my training package and manual. If you’re wondering what Chloe + Isabel is, it’s an awesome company that allows its merchandisers to sell jewelry via online boutiques, and “pop-up parties.” These parties can be booked by a merchandiser and her clients. They’re a fun way to get girls together, host a sorority event, or even launch one’s own boutique! Chloe + Isabel offers beautiful and sustainable jewelry that is unique for every girl’s style.

I’ve started my own collection and here are a few ways that I have accessorized my Chloe + Isabel items with my wardrobe! 

Pearls are always great for pairing with a fun-patterned top. Try layering the pearl + crystal drops with a feather pendant. I also decided to wear the crystal pave hoop earrings.

This white shirt is a favorite of mine, and I love it because the collar is decorated so you don’t have to wear much jewelry. I wanted to keep it simple, so I wore the crystal square stud earrings and paired them with a small pendant. 

When wearing a fancy shirt or dress, a large metal stranded necklace is perfect! This specific top is really shiny and sparkly, so I opted to wear this multi-strand chain bib necklace to add a little more shine. But it’s not too much! 

I love this shirt because it matches the gilded reeds adventurine long pendant perfectly. Throw on a black blazer over this tank and you’re ready to go! The feathers on the shirt go well with the feathers on the necklace, and the mint-colored stone is a nice offset color.

Chloe + Isabel offers timeless pieces that are sure to add the finishing touch to your fabulous style. If you are interested in checking out more, you can find my boutique online here. Having a Chloe + Isabel party could be the perfect way to bring you and your closet girlfriends together! If any of these pieces caught your eye, feel free to contact me for more information (vanovewm@MiamiOH.edu).