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Campus Celebrity: Glenn Trepeta

Her Campus:   What is MBA?

Glen Trepeta: The Multicultural Business Association (MBA) is a network of ambitious, passionate, high-performing individuals of all backgrounds. The organization focuses on personal and professional development, partnering with Fortune 500 companies. It also serves as a support network for its members to participate and take advantage of the resources and career services available to all students at Miami University. Our ultimate goal is to unlock the potential in each of our members and open channels for that potential to national and global companies.


HC:  What made you want to join MBA?

GT: I chose to join MBA because I saw it as a platform for me to create change and have a lasting impact. In this age of globalized business, skills are being economically integrated regardless of where they reside or who possesses them. Cultures of all nations are meeting, competing, and cooperating in the global marketplace and it is essential to success to learn how to develop paths into that marketplace and the capacity to work with people of all kinds, from all places. I also wanted to help bridge the gap that still exists between ability and achievement in our society. This organization seemed to provide an avenue to enhance awareness of the business world and increase opportunities for achievement and advancement in that world.


HC: What advice would you give someone in the Business School?

GT: I would advise someone in the Business School to be well-rounded. Aside from having technical business core skills, it is very important to make the most out of elective coursework. A person’s extracurricular academic interests could very well be the differential factor in their success. I would also stress the value of networking. In a world where collaboration and communication are ever more important, and where value is produced by national and global teams of individuals and firms, it seems to me that your network is your net worth.


HC: Who is your idol and why?

GT: I have several idols, so it is hard to pick one. Let me name two that stand out: Barack Obama, for not allowing any preexisting barriers to stop him from trying; and Steve Jobs, for having the passion to bring visions to reality. 


HC: What made you want to come to Miami?


GT: I often get asked this question, as I am from California. Aside from Miami University’s great academic rankings, I wanted to come to Miami to broaden my cultural experience. Don’t get me wrong, California is great. However, it was very important for me to get out of my comfort zone and experience living in another part of America. 


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