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Campus Celebrity: Celena Fields

It’s easier to list the things that Celena Fields doesn’t do than to list what she does do. She’s a media and culture major with an interactive media studies and Spanish double-minor, Vice President of Marketing for Miami’s Multicultural Business Association, and an RA, and she has worked with the NBA Summer League and traveled abroad in Spain. She’s the kind of girl that makes you want to try harder. Despite being a very busy lady, Celena took time out of her schedule to talk to Her Campus about how she does it all.

Her Campus: How do you plan to combine your major and two minors in a career?

Celena Fields: I’d like to get into sports or entertainment. Maybe a creative director for piloting new shows or segments, or maybe something in marketing or partnerships. I took Spanish to broaden my horizons and for more opportunities, like ESPN Deportes, ESPN’s Spanish segments, or Spanish MTV.


HC: What drew you to study abroad in Spain, and what was the experience like?

CF: Well, I always wanted to study abroad. It was the perfect time to finish my Spanish credits, do something new, and get out of the country. I went to the beach a lot and interacted with the locals. My host family actually wasn’t from Spain. They were from the Dominican Republic, so I got a taste of both cultures. I drank some of the best wine ever. It’s really cheap there.


HC: How did you get involved with the NBA Summer League, and what did you do for them?

CF: I was on the Marketing and PR team, focused specifically with fan engagements, contests, giveaways, etc.


HC: What does the Multicultural Business Association do, and what is your job?

CF: The Multicultural Business Association is a group for diverse students looking for personal and professional development. I’m the Vice President of Marketing. I act as a liaison between our organization and outside opportunities.


HC: What is your favorite activity?

CF: Aside from MBA, I really love exploring different genres and different artists of music. My favorite artists are Drake and an underground rapper named Lexii Alijai.


HC: How do you balance everything you do?

CF: I don’t know what I’d do without my planner… But when you prioritize and make time for the things you love, it’s really easy to have everything fall into place.


HC: Do you have any advice for students trying to balance a multitude of activities with schoolwork?

CF: Definitely take time for yourself, and I would also say to do what you love and make time for it and make sure that you always write stuff down. It really helps.

Caroline is fashionable, creative, and eccentric, though she likes to consider herself whimsical. She is interested in animals, history, fashion, and true crime and wants to be a writer when she grows up (physically; she will never grow up mentally). When not contributing to Her Campus, she can be found studying, working on a million projects at once, people-watching, playing with her beloved cats and dog, writing for fun, and eating red velvet cake.
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