Beta Theta Bye...For Good Or A See You Later?


Miami University’s Beta Theta Pi Alpha Chapter, founded at Miami in 1939, was recently kicked off campus this semester for unspecified reasons. Was it hazing? Was it alcohol violations? Was it crime related? As of late, there has been no definite answer to this manifestation, although current allegations include suspection of alcohol abuse and hazing violations, which has students wondering if this is a permanent goodbye for Beta, or merely a "see you later".

Known for their good-looking fellas and sophistication (Yes, ladies these are the kind you bring home to Mom & Dad), these fraternity brothers have experienced a whole new form of brotherhood...but not in the most celebratory of ways.

Rumors have been buzzing like bees around campus as students and peers are still trying to figure out the bottomless truth of this sad occurrence which has resulted in the chapter being kicked off campus for 2 and a half years. From reports of several instances of misconduct, Miami authorities were called to action and made an executive decision. Through the grape vine, people say the chapter had been under disciplinary watch for the past few years and this instance ultimately pushed them over the edge. 

Many Beta brothers refused to comment as they are trying “to forget” and “let go” of the situation. The chapter will be returning to Miami University’s campus in the academic year of 2016-2017, the graduating year for the current sophomores.

The house officially closed Saturday March 1st at 5 p.m. and brothers living in the house had less than 48 hours to find a new living place to call home, which unfortunately would lack the same comfort and luxury of what they were used to at the Beta Fraternity House across from the Phi Delt Gates. Let's just say not many on-campus dorms have a Grand piano in the foyrer!

Through the ups and downs the brothers have actually experienced some quite interesting and humurous reactions and press:

1. On a more positive note, TFM (Total Frat Move) highlighted Beta's goodbye in an article showcasing some of the Beta Twitter accounts that humorously displayed their sarcastic, yet faint reactions to the allegations. Ya win some ya lose some ya know? They got kicked off campus...but they were featured on TFM! No matter how bad the situtation is, this instance proves that you can always find a silver lining. Stated from TFM, "Miami University Beta Throws "Beta Theta Bye" Party After Getting Kicked Off, Gives Nationals A Big F-U on Twitter". Read more about the juicy gossip on the frat bible here

2. Also, Beta was claimed to have a "pet" alligator for pledges in their basement. First of all, where would you get an alligator around here in Oxford (people clearly got us confused with the other Miami!). Secondly, how do you even get an alligator? Maybe Beta had their eyes out for a new up and coming Steve Irwin! Honestly, who knows what they did with the alligator, or if the alligator even existed.

The 112 Beta Theta Pi brothers of Miami University, however, have not let this incident bring them down. Although they are still recovering from the persistent questions and stares, the only thing they can do from this unfortunate situation is "live and learn" and move forward in a positive direction.

In the words of the Beta brothers here at Miami University, "Alpha Never Dies". 

(Pictured: The handsome sophomore pledge class of Beta)