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Back to School Survival Kit

Upon the arrival of our Her Campus Survival Kit: Back to School Edition, we were more than excited to share all of the goodies with our girls! With everything from energy drinks, courtesy of 5-Hour Energy, providing a quick pick me up when getting back into the swing of classes, meetings, and our many extra-curricular activities after long summer days and sleepless summer nights, to beauty products and makeup. Who knew that in these very two boxes there was everything that we needed to survive our first few months back at school? But wait there’s more.

Keeping us healthy, mind, body, and soul the survival kit had an abundance of Chipotle coupons, which to Miami girls, is the be-all and end-all. There were fun crafty pieces such as the glitter glue sticks, banners with our beloved Her Campus emblem adorned in white, boxes of cold medicine (to fight off any of the back-to-school germs), and an awkward (but still intriguing nonethless) Diva Cup! 

We can’t wait to see what the rest of the Her Campus survival kits have in store. Thanks HC for making our return to campus that much sweeter!


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Shelby Hyde

Miami (OH)

Shelby Hyde is a senior journalism and professional writing double major with hopes of working in the wide world of publishing upon graduating in May of 2016. This Miami University (OH) Campus Correspondent/Editor-in-Chief is a fashion fanatic with a knack for words and bringing them to life. Shelby has had a wide variety of experiences throughout her four years at Miami, including working as Creative Services and Special Sections intern for Cincinnati Magazine, as well as a three-time returning style guru intern for well known fashion site, CollegeFashionista.com.The 22 year-old is Hoosier born and bred with a New Yorker status pending, and she's looking for something BIG! All inquiries can be forwarded to: shelbyyhyde@hercampus.com
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