Artists You Should Be Paying Attention to



FINNEAS is Billie Eilish’s older brother who produces and helps write her songs. It turns out that he is incredibly talented as a solo artist. Do yourself a favor and give his music a chance. Also, his new EP comes out in October and I am TOO excited!





If you don’t know who Lizzo is by now, you definitely live under a rock. This woman is shaking up the music industry as we speak. Discover her magic! It’s impossible not to dance along to her catchy tunes.



King Princess


Spotify kept including King Princess songs in my “Discover Weekly” playlist, so I finally gave her a listen one day a while back. I have not regretted that decision since. Go check out her recent LP because it’s sick.



Daniel Caesar


I need this man to sing me lullabies every night. His voice is so soothing! Daniel Caesar is the man you want to listen to during total relaxation mode.





I heard many good things about Clairo and eventually jumped on the bandwagon. She has a funky and playful style of music that I absolutely adore. If you identify as a hipster hoe, Clairo is for you!